Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in a nutshell

1. Adulthood

2011 is really like a money bomb year. Haha! This is the year when the 'horses' turn 21st! Thus the many 21st parties and therefore the money bomb on presents. :X I had my own party too which I'm really glad that I eventually organised one. :) I definitely do not miss the planning and organizing part, so hectic please! *faint* But I truly miss the love and warm that I received that day. :') As I recall that night, I still feel very heartwarming. I'm thankful to have each and everyone of you in my life. <3

2. Baking

Peace cake! :D (Taken with instagram)Mixed fruit pastry cake. Especially for my dad!  (Taken with instagram)
I&#8217;m so in love with baking!  (Taken with instagram)2nd try! Pandan snowskin~  (Taken with instagram)

Finally set my heart on baking last summer and I'm like so addicted to this new hobby! :D Come to think of it I've only started baking half a year ago but it feels like I have been baking since forever! haha! So I've tried baking various types of cakes, muffins, cupcakes, breads, kuehs, mooncakes, Portuguese egg tarts, pancakes and what not. 

I think the best part about baking is not just me enjoying the process but also my family loving the things that I made. If not for this my passion for baking wont be sustained for so long (FYI, I usually lack passion for a lot of things. Prefer to laze around. :X)

Strawberry sandwich cake (Taken with instagram)Can see zebra lines le! Wheeee~  (Taken with instagram)

In fact I have a long list of things that I wanna bake! Haha! I secretly can't wait to shift house again, to have that oven finally. LOL! 

3. Cooking

Gigantic pork ribs!!! :D (Taken with instagram)

Culinary is also a recent skill or rather a hobby that I've picked up not too long too. Like 2 years? In this 2 years I've learned a lot and cooked a lot too! I usually snaps photos of the meals I cooked, as memories? LOL! Anyways, so I was looking through the food and got shocked by the number of dishes that I've actually made!!

Noodles: 101
Rice/congee: 86
Soup: 238
Pork/chicken: 61
Seafood: 55
Vegetable: 196
Others: 31

Curry fish head (Taken with instagram)
Chicken stew (Taken with instagram)

Just 2 years I actually accumulated so many dishes! Imagine those that I missed out. :/

Taken with instagram

I'm proud of myself! :PpP

Makan! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

But I'm most proud to have finally mastered the art of rice dumplings! YAY!

4. Jang Keun Suk Oppa

Oppa, 당신은 나의 눈의 사과있어.

He is the first and probably the only star who can make me go crazy and queue for hours just to see him from far. That moment was so unreal, I couldn't believe that person in that small box was actually standing right infront of my eyes. The heart was burning with excitement, I still miss that moment. :')

5. Ho-oh

This brunch of kids brought my FOP experience to a whole new level. They were so easy-going, so nice to be with. It doesn't feel awkward to be with them. I remember laughing real hard at Si Hao and Jack. I remember Zhen Long being the super nice freshie and Diane being super outgoing! Not forgetting the scandal that I created for Ella and Sebas. LOL! And many many many memorable time with them! :)

6. Lumix

Honestly I regretted getting this. LOL! Too bulky is the only flaw. :/ Otherwise it's really a very nice camera! :D Thank you to my lovely parents. <3

7.  Momentum Crew

My source of income over the summer. One job that I truly enjoyed very much, mainly for the people. But coke why you no love me now? </3 LOL!

8. Durian Feast

During the durian season, I remembered eating durian EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for 3 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. It could have been longer if not I eventually come down with a fever from the heaty-ness. :X

First round of durian for today! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

Every night I'll eat until my stomach really couldn't handle any more durians. That was like 60-80 seeds before I finally surrendered. Bloated to the point that I keep warning myself to control and stop eating so much! But it has never succeed. =.= I continued dumping lots and lots of durians into my stomach every night. LOL! SO AWESOMELY DELICIOUS!!! <3 

I remember camping at the door for my dad to bring back the 4 large bags of durian every night. LOL!

But the crazy thing was, my mummy put on like 3kg after the durian season while I.. was no different in weight? :/ 

I had to live though my mum's whining of 'life is so unfair' for a week at least. HAHAHA! 

9. Buffets

Make a guess how many buffets I've eaten this year? Last year was 7 buffets while this year was nicely 24 buffets!!! Like so exaggerating right? 24 buffets is an average of 2 buffets per month! OMG! Meaning every month I ate like a hungry ghost twice. Aiks! Too unhealthy!!! As much as I enjoy eating buffets and loving my huge appetite, I should put this craziness to a stop because I treasure my life too. :/ Hopefully let's keep to less than 12 this coming 2012!! :D

10. Driving License

Love love :D (Taken with instagram)

Yes yes! Not just did I passed my driving test on first attempt, my parents got me a car too!!! :D I think I must be an angel in my previous life to be born to them. :')

11. Fake CAP 5.0

My best semester so far in NUS. I have always wished for a CAP 5.0 ever since forever, as a joke mainly. lol! Little do I know miracles do exist!!! Keep your hopes high people! Nothing is impossible! :)

12. G market

I check G market everynight and almost everytime I'll find something to buy. Which explains why my bank account is depleting and my exploding wardrobe. :/ But I often find myself fussing over the lack of clothes to wear and so I buy even more clothes. Vicious cycle.

13. Teacher-to-be

Kinda confirm I'm gonna be a teacher after I graduate. So thankful for this teaching award which lessen my parents' burden lots and perhaps is also the reason why I'm such a spendthrift nowadays. :/

14. Weight gained

Extremely important! I gained weight this year! Like 2kg! :D I think if you were to compare my photos in the beginning of the year to now, I don't look so skeleton-like finally? In fact my face like so FAT and can see flabby arms please!!! Whatever it is, I still glad there is some weight gained, at least it makes the parents happy though they still nag that I'm still too skinny. :/ Perhaps you are thinking it's the many buffet and durian feasts that finally took effects on my body? Nah.. not so simple. I didn't tell anyone that I've been taking steroids for 2 months. Yes it was drugs that caused my weight gained. :/ So pathetic that I've to rely on medicine to put on weight. Though steroids indeed is very effective in weight-gaining, it is still a drug afterall, therefore many side effects. So I can only take it for awhile and stopped. But stopping the medicine also stopped the weight gain. =.= 

Right, did I missed out anything? :P


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