Friday, December 30, 2011

FLAG COMM 09/10 @ Aloha Loyang Resort

Had a super impetus chalet earlier with dearest FLAG COMM 09/10. :) Was supposed to be our usual Khansama dinner, but Tingx suddenly has an empty chalet so we crashed! LOL! 

I realized the importance of transportation from our walk to Aloha Loyang. Freaking almost 2 rounds on the track. But I like the surprise that the chalet was the exact same location where we had our FOP chalet two years ago. :) Great memories then! 

Beautiful place isn't it? Too bad we didn't have the time to enjoy the facilities. 

We parked ourselves here throughout the night.

Takeaway POPEYES from Downtown East. 

Quite disappointed, by far I still think the Singapore Flyer outlet serves the best POPEYES. 

After dinner fun! BANG! and Saboteur. So interactive right? haha! 

Both were damn fun! Especially BANG! New game learned! :D 

It was also Boss, Huizhen's birthday! :D Got a little tiramisu for her. :)

Like ~4am, we finally stopped our gaming. *brain shagged max*

Rolled on the bed while waiting for the McD breakfast and dear Hidaya fell asleep. LOL! I thought she was only resting her eyes and started talking to her. Hello Lirong talking to herself then. >.< 

After breakfast, she concussed again. HAHAHA! Damn funny to try to wake her up for breakfast and to checkout! LOL!

Anyways, I'm super amazed by how I'm able to survive throughout without sleeping. :/ Yes, I haven't gone to bed till now. I think my weakest time is 3-4am after that the sleepy bugs are totally gone. LOL! 

Baked these roti boys before heading for chalet. An improvement from one first attempt as I have more topping this time round. Couldn't resist the coffee smell. :D By the way I don't take coffee. Lirong is weird. lol! 

Did a french manicure to welcome 2012~

Anyways, round 1A is over! Got all my 4 modules for 1 points only! OMG! PC1322 for 1 points! I couldn't believe my eyes! Hahaha! Then again, has it become so difficult that people no longer want this module? Hope not. :/ I still can't decide between LSM3244 or GE2220. Either a 2 or 3 day week, do end exam on 30 or 27 Apr. Hmm.. A or B huh? 

Studies aside! Been watching running man! I think Kim Hyun Joong is by far my favourite episode! :D Damn funny and aggressive at the beginning! I was worried for their live. LOL! Running man totally live up to the 'best program of the year'! 

Movies to share:

Got to agree with the rest that this sequel's really bad. :( I was so anticipating! D: 

Hilarious max! 

Another disappointing movie sequel.

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