Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Picnic @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Met up with Ginny and Cassandra today for an earlier Christmas gathering! We had picnic this time round, was quite worried about the weather though. :/ Glad the sky decides to have mercy on us. :)

The food that I brought! 

Agar-agar has become my standard for pot-luck! haha! Made them the day before while the Portuguese egg tarts were freshly baked in the morning. 

Hello Botanic Gardens! 

I think the last time I stepped here was during my primary school excursion, I'm 21 now. lol! The place was a like foreign land to me. :p

Food! The 2 girls bought sushi and sandwiches! ^^

Quite a good quantity control, since the girls are not big eaters. I was worried that my egg tarts might not turn out to be good after it cools. But glad they were still warm and the fillings were good today except that the crusts were too thick. :/ 

I love this sandwiches from 4 leaves! :D 

Gifts exchange time after makan! :)

We managed to camwhore together thanks to self-timer! haha! 

I got Ginny's present! 

Mine to Cassandra! 

Ginny's from Cassandra. 

Saw this sweet yet awkward scene!

Sweet: 2 loving birds 'kissing' non-stop.
Awkward: 1 emo bird all alone. Really very funny when you see it! I think that bird's really very emo, it stood one corner facing away from the loving birds. I imagine that bird looking down and counting the ants. lol! 

Camwhore time! Which is the reason why we chose to go outdoor! :D 

But but but! I look so bad today! Fat face and arms! Rarhs! Bad hair day too! :< 

Face why you so round?!

I love this photo! 

It's like speaking life, crossroads everywhere. 

Which road to choose?

I thank A*STAR for this friendship. :)

We were thinking how time really flies! We met when we were only 19 and all of us are turning 22 real soon! :/ 


When NEX after leaving with the girls. Wanted to do some last minute Christmas gift shopping but ended up buying more things for myself. >.< Thanks to all the sales around I bought a pair of heels, skirt and cosmetics. :/ My hands could break from all my shopping bags! I think I spent a bomb! Haha! But I didn't really feel the pain, I might when update my bank book! lol!

Hungry + tired girl got home to Mummy's homemade fish&chips! :D 
*salad, potatoes and french fries not in picture*

My dad came home with 2 cute little chicks

Poor chicks were left behind their mother, so daddy brought them home. 

They were newborn, hungry and cold. :( 

Anyways, they are damn cute!!! I tried to take a picture of them but they were like so shy!! Kept turning away from the camera! LOL! 

Daddy trying to feed them because they can't feed by themselves. This scene touches me because I didn't know my daddy have a heart like this. :')

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