Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bye and hi

Remember I did mention about my parents buying an apartment in Seletar View?

Oh wells, gonna bid goodbye to it, AGAIN. 

Last weekend, drove my mum out to view houses again and she changed her mind. 

This is final because we went to collect the keys just now! :D

New nest gonna be at Kovan, or rather Upper Seragoon Road. 

Just a bit of renovation and we are ready to shift! :D Think is gonna be my 5th/6th time moving house? :/ 

At first I'm quite happy that mummy choose Kovan instead! Because 2 of my relatives stay in the same area! Meaning more cousin time! (Y) 


I heard from my mum that after we shift there both of them will be shifting to Holland road instead. :'( 


So I half jokingly ask my mum to buy Holland road's apartment too. :P She was like 'Xiao Jie! The price over there is twice of this you know?!' :XxX

No more cousin time. :'( 

Anyways, mummy was saying we are so broke after buying this instead of Seletar View. 


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