Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apply your knowledge

I love learning thing that I can relate well. :)

On the topic of gastrointestinal physiology in LSM3214 currently and I think I've benefit much from it. Especially on my erratic feeding pattern. :/ 

I always have to urge to share all my knowledge to everyone!!!! But of course I know not everyone is as nerd as me. LOL! 

But! I think some information might be interesting to everyone! :)

1. Eating is a very stressful event to the body. So never never over-eat. 70% fullness is the best level (yes, this is scientifically proven) but how to you 'measure' that 70% is really an art. haha! 

2. In the name of evolution, food don't come by easily. Especially fats and proteins (they are seen as 'gold' to be body).  Therefore, the body is adapted to ABSORB whatever that is taken in, especially FATS. 

Therefore, thanks to our ancestors that we are getting fatter because of our super efficient absorption!  

I've also learn to diagnose myself! :P 

Guess everyone knows that I eat A LOT, BUT! I hardly gain weight. :/ 
Finally I know the reason why in today's lecture!


I fart a lot. Like really really really a lot! :XxX


I usually fart for hours after having dinner! Like at least 3 hours? I know right? My poor family have to suffer this every night. LOL!  

Yes, only after dinner and especially if I super over eat! :/

So what I learned today is that one reason for human being to fart is that the carbohydrates taken were not properly digested and absorbed at the small intestine. So all the undigested carbohydrates were taken down to the large intestine where large colony of bacteria resides. These bacteria breakdown the carbohydrates instead and in the process produce the gas, fart. 

1. I love carbohydrate.

2. I eat damn a lot at home. 

3. My dinner is always at home.

4. I fart like mad everytime without fail after dinner at home for HOURS!

Conclusion: My carbohydrates were not digested/absorbed by me, instead it all went to the bacteria's 'stomach'. 

Anyways, beside farting, diarrhea is also another sign that your GIT is not working well! 

By the way, diarrhea doesn't mean that the food is dirty. It's a sign produced by the body to tell that the GIT is dysfunction! :) 

*Class dismiss*


The cool nerds! :P

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