Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year 2012

Q: Do you know actually why there's a leap year every 4 years?
A: It is because our earth takes 3651/4 days to orbit one complete cycle around the sun.

There is an extra 1/days, multiplying it by 4, you will get 1 day.
That means every 4 years, there's an extra day, which is the leap year day!

February 29 - extra day. 


I figure today is a special day for blogging. 

It's Leap Year! LEAP YEAR man! OMG! 

 just another ordinary day on my calendar. :/ 


Today marks the end of Feb and the beginning of Mar, which I'm so not looking forward to. :'(
  • 3 upcoming CAs
  • 4 assignments which all require me to read research articles! *insert curse*
  • 2 lab reports
  • 2 term papers
  • possibility of shifting house and so I have to pack my things. :(
  • I need to watch running man, fei cheng wu rao 

Nope, I'm not looking forward to my birthday, irritating professor decided to have a CA on that day and it's pharmacology. Meaning Lirong have to stretch her memory capacity again. 

Kill me please. 

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