Friday, March 2, 2012


Of all time, WHY NOW?!

Why let me have a fever when I like at the busiest time of my life! Which stupid influenza virus are you?!


My nose is threatening to runoff anytime, I'm breathing through my nose, I'm feeling super cold despite having fever and I have tons of work to cover. 

It's really crappy that I have to juggle not only studies but shifting house too! 

Everything also say '你决定’ 

I mean like I don't mind helping, I want to help! But don't leave everything to me, I can't handle now. I don't even have time to rest my breaking + aching body. 

Why can't we move in May? :'(

I'm in depression! I don't want to move now! Let me clear my piles of work first please. T.T

Seriously, I think everything is just trying to make me sicker. Too many things on mind that I don't know which to start with! 

I being 自暴自弃 now. =.=

How true is this? :/ 

Anyways, I'm hungry but I don't know what to eat. Definitely not wise to eat my usual suppers now, nuggets and hotdogs. Don't feel like eating bread also. :/ 

I agree! hahahaha!

Typical or what? 

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