Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The hair experience

Yes! I finally did something to my virgin hair! LOL! Have been wanting to either rebond/perm it for the longest time, but I was always afraid I would regret. Thus the ever procrastination. :PpP

So after much scolding and nagging by 'mother' Cheryl, I've decided to perm the hair!:D Since she also recommended me her salon, which I called in Jan for an appointment but could only get a date today. 

I know right! So fully booked!:/

My first hair cut at such an atas place. :X Anyways, my heartaches when my hairsylist, Lee, cut trimmed my hair. T.T 

Doing a hair treatment before perming. 

Perming in progress. 

This thing is freaking heavy!!! I couldn't lift my head at all and my neck is still aching much!! :( :( :( 

Anyways it took a good 3 hours to do the hair. So so so so long! I'm so glad for iphone. LOL! 

Spent a total of $295 for the new hairdo, a bit over my budget. :X But I shall see it as my birthday present!  Haha! But I think my hairstylist is really nice! :D Probably will be heading back for more future hair cut and more hair adventures? :P

Anyway my hair is not at the best state for photographs, shall take some when it's less densed? I think it will look nicer when my hair grows longer. I want long long hair, thank you very much! 

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