Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I was kinda shocked one day when I tried calling s*****b to ask them about my new house's cable point and broadband services. To my dismay, I actually have to fork out a $4000 just to get these points in my house!

I know right?! $4000! When all these are installed FOC in HDB, not sure about condo, my guess is free too? Is this how the company suck money to compensate? :/ But seriously $4000 is really unreasonable. It's just getting a cable point and that's all. -.-

I believe my family can live well without cable tv and we will live on optical fibre network. Which also gonna cost us a few hundreds for installation. But still way better than that $4000.


  1. who needs cable when you've got INTERNET wahoooO!!

  2. YA!!! HAHAHA! But install broadband also need to pay that amount. =.=