Saturday, March 10, 2012

IT Show 2012

Friends know it

Awkward moment like this, you are not sure if you should just kill your friends first or die of embarrassment on the spot. 


Speaking or IT show, it was really a super horrible experience! The place was flooded with so many people that I barely could move. :/ If it wasn't that I needed to get gadgets I would never never never go to such places, especially on a weekend. Nearly died! :/ 

Aside the horrible 'squeezing and pushing' experience, IT show was a great steal! At least in my opinion. :P

Bought 5 televsions, 1 home theater system, kinex games, all-in-1 printer and routers. 

I sponsored the TVs while brother paid for the home theater and both of us are like mad excited about our 'entertainment' room! :D :D :D We gonna camp all day in there! :pPp

Anyways we were so fatigue after 5 long hours of endless walking at the show! Plus we were at Kovan earlier on to clean the house. D:

But lucky us, we won some 'dip-and-win' thing at the IT Show and got ourselves 2 sets of Carl's Jr meal! :D You know what, that's like the best thing we've ever won! Both of us were so freaking tired and hungry!!! Hahahaha! Who cares that both of us are having a sore throat? Gladly swollen the burger while driving us home and we cooked dinner again.

Yes, we were that famished! T^T

Next up, I got to get sofa and lights tml. :/ 


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