Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stress management

Not the first time that I realised I'm really bad when come to handling stress. Sigh..

Little people know that when I'm stressed I'll always hide one side and cry. I know right! Quite unlike my usual self because I always present a very optimistic image. Haha! At least I think so. :P

So I lose count of the number of times I cried just this month. :( 4/5 times? When I breakdown, it's usually a very sudden event that will always freak my parents out. :/ that's what I dont like too. Don't wanna make them worried about me, yet I can't control the damn tears from rolling. :'(

The most embrassing thing was me crying in the MRT on the way home just now! Yes! SO EMBRASSNG! Cried because of the sudden bomb from LSM3224 that I have to read 6 research papers and do a review on them in 2 weeks time. 6 freaking papers in 2 weeks?! I wish it was April Fool. :(

I can't imagine my 2 weeks from now. 3 research essays, 1 lab report, 1 term paper, 1 report, 2 CA all falling on the same week. #thedeathofme

Sigh.. Bet this is my worst semster thus far.

Oh ya.. Happy birthday to me. #notinthemoodforbirthday

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