Saturday, March 24, 2012

Because we are a family

Popping by just in case anyone misses me! :P


My dear Qiao's 21st! <3

Have been rushing lots of work ever since I settled down in the new house. :/ 

Guess I'm pretty productive? 

3 assignments down and hopefully we'll be able to finish off with UTU term paper tml  later. That leaves me a CA and 6 papers to read next week!


Sweet and simple, one that I&#8217;ll rmb for life. :) (Taken with instagram) 

My 22nd birthday 

I guess I had the most dramatic birthday ever ever! :/


Special thank to all lovely smses, whatapps, tweets, facebook etc wishes! Feel really loved when you know someone actually remembers something about you. :') Although I had no internet connection at home yet, I tried to reply every wishes on fb as much as possible with my-not-so-reliable iphone. :/ Have been blogging with my iphone 3G these days too! 

Anyways, I really felt very loved. :) Especially touched by the LSM cliques because we actually had a CA that day, but they still make time to surprise me! :')

So I got home and had a really simple and cozy celebration with the family. I actually told them not to get a cake, because I was intending to bake one for myself this coming sun!:D 

They did get one anyways, forever mango fruits cake! haha!

I guess 10 or even 20 years down the road I'll still remember this special 22nd birthday. I cried like mad, which explains the lack of photos because I refused to take any picture with my ugly face. :P

No words can describe my love for my family and I love how my dad says 因为我们是一家人。:')

Seriously my birthday was more like a reunion of a long lost family! 


Anyways, the next day brother brought me out for lunch. No, should say I brought him out because I drove. HAHA!

We drove to NEX which was like a turn and we reached. >.<  

We went to this CHICKEN HOTPOT place, had wanted to visit this restaurant for the longest time! Because they are famous for their spicy hotpot! Heh heh! :P

Yummy spicy chicken hotpot!:D (Taken with instagram) 

Mild spicy chicken hotpot

You get buy any of the 3 types of hotpot that they offers (beef, chicken, seafood) with unlimited topping of soup, which was awe!! You can also order side dishes at separate charges.  :) Because bro couldn't take too spicy food, we only ordered the mild spiciness, which almost killed him. >.< 

My eyes were bloody swollen that I have to wear glasses in attempt to hide them. :/ Check out my eye bags too! :(

Anyways, I think I requested like at least 10 rounds of refill for soup! haha! Me like! Hot and Spicy is awe! I'm actually quite curious how is their ultra spiciness like? :/

We had rice to go with the hotpot but we ordered another separate Eefu noodle!:D Took a lot of other side dishes too! :P 

Yum yumz! 

In the end I requested chilli powders to add into the soup. I know right! Can't blame that my stomach is defect. haha! 

Vedict: Not spicy enough for Lirong's stomach. But the hotpot was a shiok!

Dessert time:D (Taken with instagram) 

Grapes shaved ice

After a hot and spicy lunch, time to cool the stomach with the ice! :D Dessetstory here we go~

Nope, we didn't get diarrhea. :P

Brother forcing coffee to me! (Taken with instagram) 

Then brother brought me to Starbucks


Brother assures me that this cup is definitely SWEET and not BITTER. I forgotten what he ordered, didn't bother anyways. :P

Ok, it's milky and not that BITTER, so I took 3 sips before giving up. haha! 

Gift2! More baking time!^^ (Taken with instagram) 

More baking time!

Birthday gift 1! Finally have an oven!:D woohoo! (Taken with instagram) 

My presents from the family. 

Looking forward to my party on Sun! :D I'm throwing a house warming cum belated birthday party for myself! :)

One reason why my family was rushing to shift is that my parents wanted to make it in time to host this party for me. Although it was still a week late, I'm still really very appreciative!

What more can I ask for with a family like this? :')

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