Sunday, April 22, 2012

Becoming a man

The day has come, bro finally recieved his army enlistment letter today. I have been looking forward to this day, in fact the parents too. We feel that bro really needs to be more mature? :/ Not like I'm saying my bro is a lousy person. In fact my bro is awesome! Just that everyone has these little flaws here there, including myself. Alright, so while I anticipate this day, I'm feeling kinda sad too. :( Bro and I are really close, most of the time. Lol! Anyways, it upsets me to think that he won't be around so often at home. Facing the empty house alone is one thing, I'm gonna miss irritating him, our ht-ht, kpop sharing, running man time, the cookings, doing housework together and all the random things we do together, told you we are very close. Sigh.. I'm going to emo. :(

Then I'm also worried about his life in army! :/ Talk about irony. Lol! I'm born to be a mother hen, cannot stop worrying about this bro of mine! Tsk!

Alright, I shall be more positive. Anyways, we were totally planning my post-exam and his pre-army activities just now! Lol! So exciting~ Gonna be intense but fun!:D Ok and I'm gonna be a nice sister and drive him to and fro army as much as possible. :)

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