Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday I wrote about my brother, today gonna blog about my parents. :) This wasn't planned actually, just so happen to feel to urge to write about them.

I'm a girl who likes to glue to my parents! :P You call that daddy-girl and mummy-girl? Yes I am!:D I have this habit since young that I'll run to the door and open the gate for daddy when he's back and whines 'dadddyyyy~ ni hui lai laaaa~~~' LOL! Yes, I'm still doing it now, everynight. :P And my dad loves it ok! He'll always smile until I can't see his eyes at all. Lol! I think he feels welcomed after a long day at work? That small little girl back then have grown to a young lady today. But I know in their hearts, I'll always be that little girl then. 孩子在父母眼里都是长不大地。

Anyways, earlier I went grocery shopping with mum, we bought like lots of items and of course we have lots of bags to carry! :/ So I may be skinny, but I'm actually damn macho k! Hahaha! So I took like 5 bags on each hands and left 3 smaller ones for mummy (to me mummy is old, cannot let her carry so many heavy bags!) But mummy kept insisting me to let her have all the bags! She was like '我拿,我拿,你看你这么瘦,等一下手断!' LOL! So we were like 'I take, I take, no, I take' for few minutes. -.- in the end I gave in, too attention-seeking. :/ Mummy only allowed me to take a bag of toilet rolls. -.-

It's just a small thing, but it's the small little things that will show how much your parents actually care for you. They have done so much, so much that I feel I must be an angel in my previous life to be born to them. :')

I was rebellious too. I argued and fought with them, I upset and said words that hurts them too. I neglected them for love before. But no matter what, I'm glad that I'm 'awake' now and really want to spend as much time with them as possible before I NEGLECT THEM FOR LOVE AGAIN. Lol lol! Just joking. :P

So I always tell myself this during exam or when I feel like giving up, 'Lirong you can do this! You need to work harder, if not how can you provide your parents with better life later?!' My motivations are them. :)

I feel heartache to see them leaving home so early in the morning and getting home so late at night. They are working so hard just to provide a more comfortable life for my bro and I. So what I can do now is to work hard, to make them happy and to whine at them more because they love it. Lol!

Hao bah.. I was planning to keep this short actually. Haha! Moral of the story: nobody loves you more than your parents. :) Ok, back to star awards! ^^

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