Thursday, April 19, 2012


If you happen to know me well, you would realise that I seldom touch fastfood. Yes, I'm actually a very anti-fastfood person. :/ 

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It's unhealthy, expensive and so not filing at all! Personally also because of my up-bringing. My parents have never never never bought my brother and I a happy meal before, ever. Oh, they also didn't allow us to take sweet drinks or unhealthy snacks (potato chips etc) when we were younger.

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 Do I sound like I have a very sad childhood? Haha! I'm ok with that actually. 

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So this is why I have grown up to be one that don't really fancy fastfood. :/ I can live without potato chips too! 

Although McDonald is kinda 'banned' in the family, we had a lot of KFC instead. Talk about irony. Yes, I have no idea why my parents would think that McDonald is vascular-clogging yet KFC is not.

The reason why I bought KFC!!! #food (Taken with instagram)

We used to have KFC every Sunday when I was still kid and we have no problem finishing a family feast for 6-8! I guess this is how the blackhole came about? :/

One step nearer to atherosclerosis #kfcdoubledown #food (Taken with instagram)

But recently I have been consuming too much of these junk food. 

I blame it on exam for bringing the hormonal imbalance, as always.


I was having a cheese fries craving that day and just nice KFC has this new double-down sandwich, so why not? Cheese fries was as heavenly as ever! :') But the double-down was kinda mehz. Just 2 zingers with mayo, cheese and bacon sandwiched between. Yeah, I amazed. I think I enjoyed the mayo and cheese more than the double down as a whole. LOL! Oh, did I mention it's so small? I'll still prefer my burger with bread. I need carbo in my life. hahaha!

Right now, I having the urge to have LJS's fries! Personally thinks that LJ and Mos Burger have the best fries among all the fastfood chains. :D 

But I think my body just can't handle fastfood or perhaps the lack of sleep is tearing my immune system apart, sick and down with flu again and feeling a bit feverish. :( I really really really cannot afford to be sick now!

Dear immune system please do your work. 

I knew I screwed CA3. 


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