Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today I was thinking how long have I been blogging? So I started counting.. guess what? 7 Years!


Time seriously flies~

I still remember my first post was on 04 July 2004 and it was on Guides' camp in school! haha! Though I'm not using the same blog address, I do go back to read my archives and laugh at my own stupidities in the past. Yeah, that's one thing I like about blogging, to laugh at myself years later when I re-read my own entries. :P

But one thing I don't like about blogging is also because of its openness. You never know who is reading your blog. :/ Like right now! Hello strangers! :) But I also never really thought of locking the blog, might as well type in Microsoft words right? Oh well, I'm trying to get use to it. :P Nuffnang cheque is like my motivation to blog now! hahaha! I don't have huge traffic coming in but it makes me happy to see the amount slowly accumulates to 50 and tadah~ Time to checkout! (Y)

Of course thanks to you people for coming! Please visit more often. ^^

Good morning!  (Taken with instagram)

I shall thank you with a beautiful morning sky all the way from Kovan to show my appreciation. ^^


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