Sunday, April 29, 2012

My menu

I guess many of you should know that I can cook and I cook every single dinners for the family. #housewifematerial

Anyways, being the 'chef' of the family is really a tough job. First, of course you have to ensure your food is edible and at least taste not bad too. Otherwise you are bound to receive a lot of 'nice' feedback. I guess I'm more or less over this stage after having cooked for years. Second, you have to ensure that your menu changes everyday and this is tough. :/ Doesn't this sounds like running a mini-restaurant? Haha!

Ya, so every night after making dinner I must start thinking of what to cook for the next day's meal and visit NTUC the next day to get my ingredients.

And the irritating thing part is when I ask the family what would they want for dinner, they always always always reply 'up to you' 

Feeling like bashing them whenever I hears this. Totally not helpful at all!!! >:(
So I have learnt to give up on asking their opinion. Right now is, I cook what, you eat what!

So my 'menu' is really simple: 1 soup, 1 vege and 1 meat/egg/seafood eaten with rice.

Yes, we MUST have soup for dinner and we LOVE double-boiled soup! ^^

After 5hours of double-boiling. :D  (Taken with instagram)

Chicken w abalone and mushroom soup

Pork knuckles soup, the ultimate blood clogger! :/ #ifidieyoung (Taken with instagram)

Pig trotters w raddish and black fungi soup

Taken with instagram

Pork ribs w lotus roots soup

Taken with instagram

Twee Bak w bittergourd and black fungi soup

Souperlicious. #food  (Taken with instagram)

Twee Bak w sweet corn and mushroom soup

Each of these soups takes at least 4 hours before serving.
Given the long time, double-boiled soups are actually quite easy to prepare. I usually prepare the ingredients after lunch and leave them to cook for long hours.

Notice that the soup is never clear? Because after long hours of cooking, the fats have already melted and dissolved into the soup, which is also the reason for it being so sweet. Yes, fat is sweet. But I think not everyone can appreciate this kind of soup? I was one too. I used to really dislike this when my parents cooked them. Like so disgusting! Having to drink the oily layer of fats in your soup and it always makes me feel like my blood vessels gonna burst anytime!

Oh wells, but after 10+ years of 'torture' under my dad, I have grown to be immune with this and started to enjoy the soup. ^^

But still this is unhealthy, very. :/ 

Taken with instagram

Beansprouts and seaweed soup.

Sometimes I got lazy and just cook a simple soup with some meat slices and is healthier too! :D

Yes, my dinner menu must have MEAT, specifically pork. Because my dad is a 'I can't survive without meat guy' and by meat, he only consider pork, beef, lamb etc. Chicken and seafood to him is not meat. =.=

See so troublesome right?!

So one soup, next is another meat/seafood/tofu/egg dish

Taken with instagram

Usually I'll steam fish

Taken with instagram

Because it's simple and easy! :P

Vinegar pig’s trotters #food  (Taken with instagram)

Only maybe when I'm in a better mood, I'll do things like braised pig trotters

Braised pork belly w mushrooms. (Taken with instagram)

Braised poke belly

Favourite~ #food  (Taken with instagram)

Or my favourite spicy tofu!


Ok, there's way too much photos of food that I have made. :/ I think my followers on instagram must be like 'food again? Jollibean again?!'


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