Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stage fright, you have?

Today marks the 2nd last day of my 1 month school attachment. I know, time flies. 

So besides going into classes, the other part of this attachment is the 3 projects that were assigned to us: 
1. Determine the positive impact of having a Year Head for each level.
2. Integrating problem-based learning in P4 Math Syllabus
3. Ways to improve comprehension skills of P5 students for open-ended questions

So today was the presentation day for the results and hard work that we have put in, especially for task 1. :D 

For the presentation at 2pm! 💪 (Taken with Instagram)

The handouts and reports prepared for the 20 of them. 

Our presentation was for the School Management Committee, including the P, VPs, HODs, SHs and YHs. It's very interesting that the teachers are all so cute! Usually all of them will try to come earlier meetings in order to 'chope' the best seats; seats that are furthest from the P or allow the least eye contact with the P. 
Seriously laugh die me when I was watching them 'strategising' their positions. 

Anyways, the whole presentation took like an hour because of the Q&A. I was basically bombarded with questions and questions from the P and VPs! The teachers are very 'nice' though. Phew. Hahahaha!

Talking about presentation, I rarely have presentation experience (I can be invisible in class) or even the need the do presentation slides. So the ppt that I did was really so scientific and boring. I know right, it's only after I see my partner's ppt slides that I see the need to improve mine. Hahaha! See, this is the difference between Arts and Science students! Oh, and I find it super strange that I do not have any 'stage fright' or any nervousness before the presentation. I didn't even prepare any script, it was really a very causal read-off-from-the-slide-and-think-on-the-spot-presentation. So it's either I'm feeling especially confident today or I subconsciously conquered public speaking, I hope the latter is true. :D

No matter what, the difficult part is over! I could still remember how my eyes could pop any moment because of the long hours of staring at the screen, how my butts hurt like crazy from the hours of siting and how Li Ki and I panicked because of the need to rush out a report for the meeting with the Zonal Director. Haha! Yes, I survived well. :) 

Don’t mock at my kiddish-ness! I is 10000000yrs nv make a proper card! LOL!  (Taken with Instagram)Making a card for my mentor. :)  (Taken with Instagram)

Did a simple card for my mentor this morning. Kiddish I know, don't laugh please! I'm like 10 thousand years never touch this kind of 'art&craft' stuff.
 This shows that everyone has a unique field of expertise. ^^

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