Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last day

Today's the last day of my school attachment, weird right? Oh wells, because tml I have to head down to MOE for a compulsory course, so no choice. :/ 

Angels and devils.  (Taken with Instagram)

I'm so gonna miss the kids. :(

Definitely going to miss this. :) (Taken with Instagram)

Before the attachment I was having a dilemma of choosing between secondary or primary path. But right now, I quite certain that primary school is more suitable for me. Even my friends have to agree. Almost all of them reassured me primary school, reason being I'll confirm be 'bullied' by the secondary kids. 

Anyways, I'm so glad that I get to experience both lab-life and teaching over this summer. Couldn't be more happy that I make the right choice to take up the scholarship. :)

Yups, another thing I'm so gonna miss is the cheap and nice canteen food! :P

饿死我了~ #hungry (Taken with Instagram)

Part 1 of #lunch  (Taken with Instagram)

My lunch portion has shrinked. :/ uncle in bad mood? Hahaha! #lunch  (Taken with Instagram)

2 lunches a day has become a habit. :/ CANTEEN FOOD IS TOO CHEAP! lol!  (Taken with Instagram)

Part 2!:D #lunch #nofilter #sgfood  (Taken with Instagram)

My #lunch portion is getting bigger because I’m building better relationship with the stall vendor. LOL!  (Taken with Instagram)

Have been eating chap chye peng every lunches, my favourite local food. :P Each plate is only $1.60, cheap and most importantly nice! I guess this is why there are a huge number of teachers who are willing to have their lunches in school. 

Only $1 and there’s pork ribs inside! #cheap  (Taken with Instagram)

The uncle sells soup too! $1 only, with ribs! Cheap.

I can have 2 lunches!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

Love the Malay stall too. :D Mee Siam at $1.50.

#random #soup #food #sgfood #lunch #canteenfood  (Taken with Instagram)

Ok, this is a random try of the food that they have.

YTF shld be eaten this way, spammed with the sweet sauce! :D #delicious  (Taken with Instagram)

Even have Yong Tau Foo for the teachers! $2.50 only.

Really is welfare for the teachers, because kids are happy with their plain rice and nuggets. LOL.

#favourite #drink #childhood #memories #sgfood #singapore  (Taken with Instagram)

Childhood <3

2nd card of the day. GOT IMPROVE RIGHT? Right! Hahaha!  (Taken with Instagram)

Made a card for my partner, Li Ki. Talking to her is always so so intellectual. :D

Tonight: nutritionist&#8217;s worst nightmare: pig tail lor mee. #food  (Taken with Instagram)

Sinful Pig tail Lor Mee for dinner.

#fatdieme #food #foodstamping #sgfood #dinner #homemade #noodles  (Taken with Instagram)

Forgive me, this is only a once in a while indulge. :X

Ok, that's all, I bet you are so use to me updating a long post of pictures at one go.

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