Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Brother's 21st

Hello people, I'm celebrating another 21st! :P

It's my ah boy's 21st. But it feels like mine, because I was the one planning everything. 

He must be the slackest host for 21st. The parents sponsored the cost while I handles all the other thing. 

Basically he just has to show face. #likeaboss. 

I kinda like my makeup today,  a bit big and small eyes here though. :P

Playing with his balloons. Why I no find this for my own party? >:(

Got Stamford Catering again! :D

I ate 10 plates of this size. How did this happen? :/ 

Anyways, I think I ate so much not because I'm hungry or the food is super nice. Rather, I was trying to clear the food by dumping them all into my stomach. Very silly of me to do that. So mark my words here, I WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN! People please also encourage me to eat just right, please do not encourage me to eat more or tempt me with food. Thank you very much. :D

His super rice Chocolate Cake!

The brother is seriously super good with the kids. 

Family. <3

Everyone. <3

Anyways, I kope his birthday balloons, they are now floating in my room. 

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