Sunday, August 19, 2012

My kind of day

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims out there! :) 

Was supposed to have a gathering with the relatives but was called off due to low responses. It's ok, there's always next time. :) So instead, I had a great quality time with my family in our nest. :)

Confession: I used to cook this everyday that the folks asked if I can change my menu a bit. LOL! #nofilter  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Favourite Mapo Tofu! I just need a bowl of rice to go with this and I'm a happy girl. :)

Lesson learned from ytd. This is only half a duckie. :)  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Ytd night we had a whole duck for dinner, which totally killed us! So tonight we learned our lesson and chopped only half of the body. :P Daddy bought 2 duckies ytd btw. :) 

Half a roasted chicken. WHERE ARE ALL MY CRIPSY SKIN?!  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Another half a roasted chicken. 

Roasted food are just plain good don't you agree? 

No idea what soup to make just anyhow produce a meat with seaweed soup~ ok! Chopsticks ready! Let’s go! :D  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

There's always a soup on the table, even if it's simple pork and seaweed. :)

Went down for a movie with the family after dinner-ing. 

Thoughts after the movie: Sorry white snake, I really can't understand your love. -.- 

Yups, this sums up my quality day with the family and it's back to reality because tml I actually have to be in school by 830am to run western blot and start MTT assay in the afternoon. Yes my life is worse than a working adult now, at least there's pay. T.T 
Le sigh.... *emo one corner* 

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