Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Breakfast like a king

Because I had a good hair day. ☺ good night ppl~ 💤 (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Carbohydrate or proteins for you? (Fats, is everywhere in either case)

Healthy start to the day!:) whole-grain bread with milk  (Taken with Instagram)

I'm definitely a 100% carbo-lover

Look at that redbean paste! ZOMG! #love  (Taken with Instagram)

Just look at my addict for jollipancake you'll know. ;')

Starchy start to my day! :D #breakfast  (Taken with Instagram)

Sweet potatoes! :D

Pooh says MORNING! ☀ (Taken with Instagram)

Oops Jollibean again. :P

Brunch! :D (Taken with Instagram)

Waffles! How to resist?

Fav waffles from prima deli! But I told bro I want blueberries and he got me a plain one. 😥 (Taken with Instagram)

So good even when eaten without fillings.

Taught our helper how to make French toast this morning and now time for me to feast! :D  (Taken with Instagram)

French toast. Need to say more?

☀☀☀Breakkie! Peanut butter toast with pork floss! :)  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Peanut butter toast?

Golden butter croissant😍 and Selamak Hari Raya!  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Butter croissants! I'll bake you one day!

Hello to Hum Jin Peng! :D #redbeanalert  (Taken with Instagram)

Hum Jin Peng!

Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of all, in fact I can eat breakfast the entire day. :') For this, I'll get never-ending nags by my parents for my over-addiction for carbo over meat. PS: I eats tons of carbo related food but not meat, I'm quite picky when it comes to the type of meat I feed on. :/

Simply love flour. 

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