Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Second home

Sorry if I keep saying this, but I really love my lab. It's not too much to say that it is kinda of second home now thinking that I spend more than half of my time in it. Anyways, my lab used to be a very small one, just a living room size? Now that there are more staffs joining and of course us FYP and UROPE students in it, the lab has finally expanded. We honour students get our own working space now! Yay! So happily we were 'building our nest' this afternoon. Seriously, it feels even more like a home now. 

We even went for 'lab-grocery shopping'.

There's a 'supermarket' at the basement of our building, so our mentor brought some of us down to get  necessities and supplies for our workspace aka gloves, pipettes, racks, chemicals and what not.  Seriously, that's our 'IKEA'. 

Anyways, lab work there's inevitably lots of incubation time. So what do we do to kill time? Well, for me it's always IG. I know right, but I'm really making an effort to cut down on that! I did my webcast this afternoon instead! Super proud of myself, though I was constantly distracted by all the notifications.  Ok, so other than that we kill time today by.. ONLINE SHOPPING! Yes! Qian Wen and Cheryl are super bad influence! I haven't been doing online shopping for quite some time you know! But I got tempted by them today and burned a big hole in my account again. Haha! The thing is I used to buy lots of dresses but today I bagged in more on pants, leggings and tops! Yes! I need more pants since everyday is a lab day. 

For once I can have my lunch at the normal hour! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ big fat dumplings anyone? πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ (Taken with Instagram at NUH@Staff Canteen)

Qian Wen: I noticed you take photos of all your meals. 

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