Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ma Maison @ Parco

Happy Teachers' Day! 
Though I know the date has changed but I'm just too use to having this special day on 1st Sept. Anyhow, the girls in the lab, basically Qian Wen, Adeline, Cheryl, Sakshi and I decided to ask our mentor out to really thank him for his infinite guidance and patients towards all of us! We asked Xiao Yun to join us too because we actually have a secret mission to match-make them together. I know right! Haha! But it's actually quite obvious of us! :P 

We girls met earlier to buy a little gift for him before we met for lunch, which we girls seriously went wild and crazy BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE WE LAST SHOPPED PHYSICALLY! :')

Loving the ambiance. :)  (Taken with Instagram at Cafe Ma Maison)

Cafe Ma Maison, recommended by Qian Wen and Cheryl. 

Ma Maison means “my home” in French. Promising to be more than a restaurant, it is the place where diners can enjoy original home recipes featuring Japanese-Western fusion dishes in a homely ambience.

Starter. :)  (Taken with Instagram at Cafe Ma Maison)

Garlic bread

Really strong buttery flavor, however the garlic taste was lacking which was such a pity. 

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It was a tomato base soup, slightly sour flavoring which was quite good as an appetizer before the main meal was served. 

Ink pasta!  (Taken with Instagram at Cafe Ma Maison)

Squid Ink Pasta, house signature 

I really like this because the squid ink taste was just right and not overwhelming strong. But girls becareful, you might end up having a black mouth and teeth after the meal. :P

Salmon steak.  (Taken with Instagram at Ma Mansion)

Salmon Steak

Very pretty presentation but the serving size was so tiny! Definitely not filling. :/

Napoleon pasta, the photo did not do justice though.  (Taken with Instagram at Cafe Ma Maison)

Napoleon Pasta

Basically pasta tossed in tomato sauce and cooked on hotplate with a really yummy thick layer of egg underneath, which was so so so heavenly good! 

Close up!  (Taken with Instagram at Cafe Ma Maison)

Anyways, one of the igers from Japan actually told me this is a type of Japanese spaghetti during their old time. How cool is that? 

Okay, I can’t rmb the name but the egg is so freaking GOOD!  (Taken with Instagram at Cafe Ma Maison)

Beef stroganoff with butter rice, house signature 

Trust their house signature seriously, the egg was so good and the brown sauce too! 

Pallea! 👍 (Taken with Instagram at Cafe Ma Maison)

Paella, house signature

It's a Spanish's national dish and the rice was so yum! 

Overall we really enjoyed the food and the ambiance. I think it's really cool that the cafe is a fusion between Japanese and Western. I'm definitely going back to try the rest of the menu because everything look so good! 

We went to the outlet at Parco Marina Bay, but they do we other outlets at Bugis and The Central too. By the way different outlets actually have a slight different house signatures. So don't be surprise when you pop by the Bugis/Central outlet and finds a slightly different menu. :) 

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