Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: Nihon Mura revisit (NEW BUFFET MENU)

Had a post-exam treat and decided to go for Nihon Mura instead of Chiso Zanmai. Glad that we did because we were surprised by Nihon Mura's new menu. Alright not exactly a very big change but there were indeed some new things. :)

Sushi were pretty still the same. No surprise here.

Some of the appetizers that I had. Scallops and preserved black beans were the new ones. Personally prefers the black beans because they are like those Korean ban chan type which I really like, appetizing of course. 

Need to take this potato salad because it's the BOMB! Please do yourself the favour of ordering this thank you. 

Cha Soba. 
I know some people finds it a no-no to order carbo for buffet. But we were craving for some. I don't eat enough soba to give a fair judgement all I can say is that the noodles were really springy and refreshing. 

Tamogo Yaki.

So here what's my favourite in the new menu. Tamago lovers out there, this is what you gonna love! 3 different flavours of tamago yaki here! To die for please! Cholesterol what's that? 

Associate skewers and tempura. Not much changes to these. 

The tofu skewer is probably the new one but I didn't like it. It was so.. tasteless basically. 

 Of course I eat my heart out for sashimi. <3 

The gigantic cream puffs and eclairs. Personally likes the cream puffs better because I think the chocolates were on the bitter side, definitely not the best eclairs.


Say my loves. Pink: Red bean, green: matcha, purple: lotus paste(new) there were also black: black sesame and white: peanuts. Basically I love everything except peanuts. :P

Value wise it was $30 after all the charges, I guess it isn't exactly the cheapest Japanese sushi buffet but considering the free flow of sashimi. The price is reasonable. 

Food was ok, nothing really amazingly good for the sushi, but definitely better than those served at International buffets

Service was probably the one that I really didn't like during my visit. Service was really SLOW! Half of the time we didn't have any food on the table because the kitchen was too slow!! Serious about that! Furthermore the waiter was really bad too. I mean as waiter you should always be alert and look out to see if your customers need any help right? No the waiter was busily engaging with the floor or the air. *vomit blood* That's still fine if he actually carries a smile. Again no, his face was blank and expressionless. Sigh.. 

Oh wells, though the service was bad I probably would still be revisiting because I such a sucker for mochi and now they have amazing tamago too. :P

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  1. Hello! The food looks great, esp the tamago! May I ask which outlet was this?