Monday, January 14, 2013

Recipe: Chinese White Honeycomb Cake/白糖糕

This is definitely a childhood favourite of mine. Mummy and I love this a lot and I have made this quite a few times too. For all my previous attempts were made directly using rice flour, so the whole process only took a few hours. But this time round I want to challenge myself a little, so I made this using rice which took 3 whole days to complete. You may wish to refer here for all previous easier attempts as a starter. :) Well, for this much more tedious recipe you may wish to refer to Table for 2... or more her recipe is very clear cut and has photos for illustrations. :) 

Well, if you ask me will I take the trouble to spend 3 days on this again? Hmm.. probably not eh? Haha! One, school has started. Two, I think the 'lazy method' produce pretty good results too! Hehe. So I opt to be lazy in future. LOL!


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