Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Forty Hands

Brunch at this seriously super 'ulu' cafe, well hidden somewhere in Tiong Bahru. Is it just me or cafes are usually located far off in some isolated places? I spotted Books Actually, Open Door Policy, Flock cafe and etc at that street alone. Hmm.. 


 Flat white.

Forty Hands is well known for its coffee. Too bad I'm one of those badass who can't appreciate the art of coffee. 

Hot chocolate.

If you can do coffee arts, you have my admiration! 

Other than the good coffee, Forty Hands is also being praised to have 'best tau sar pah in town'

$2.50 for a small piece of Tau Sar Pau, I was like 'you better be damn good' in my heart. 

Verdict? Oh boy! It was so so GOOD! Indeed best! The skin was so soft and fluffy pairing with real smooth and not so sweet red bean filling. Heaven I say. 

Truffle fries, $8 

There's a reason why this is $8 while the one I had at Au Chocolat is $18. It tasted just like McDonald fries to me. :( 

Mushroom Truffle Sandwich, $11

I don't know about this but a lot of people have been telling me this like the BOMB. But I felt it was okay only. Perhaps too.. healthy? Toasted breads with some leaves and mushrooms. Hmm.. Not my type I guess. 

Ang Moh Classics

I love how appetizing the food look! I didn't try this but my partner said the sauce was really delicious however the hotdog was too dry. 

Overall I have to say that the menu at Forty Hands is really very limited and food wise wasn't very impressive to me, with the exception of the tau sar pau of course. Note that the weekday and weekend menus are totally different, the weekend one sounds better with big breakfast and egg benedict etc. 

78 Yong Siak Street
Tel: 62258545

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