Saturday, January 26, 2013

Korean fever

Hi there! Sorry for not updating. Reason being my life is too boring thus I have nothing to blog about. Sigh. LOL! 

Well, other than the mundane school days and the uninteresting thesis that I have to conquer, perhaps the only happy thing now is grad trips! Korea is finally confirmed! Just counting down the months! Har. Whereas the trip to Europe seem to be more problematic since we missed the good deal by hour. I know right! There goes my LV bag. LOL!  

So I have been attempting several Korean delicacies in my kitchen. 

Ddukbbokki that I previously blogged out. 

Rabokki, Korean ramen with ddukbbokki. 

Samgyetang, Korean ginseng chicken soup. 

Interestingly I have never eaten rabokki and samgyetang before. Har. But I'm really in love with the samgyetang! The glutinous rice totally stole my heart! It was so flavoury, soaking up the essence of the chicken!!! In turn the soup was supreme too! In short, I died in samgyetang heaven. 

Seriously can't wait to visit kimchi land!! Meanwhile let's survive 26 March and 13 April. </3 

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