Monday, June 3, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 3

Welcome back for day 3 of the trip! Feels like I'm writing a series or something. LOL! Anyhow, you may refer to day 1 and day 2 if you have missed any of the 'episodes' :P 


Started the day late (11am?) since we had a 'havoc' night a Dongdaemun. Day 3's plan was more chillac because we expected ourselves to be very tired after a night at Dongdaemun.

Yummy street food to fill our stomach first before we head for brunch.


Cheese croquette. Could be better if it was oozing cheese. 

We took the subway and made our way to Edae (Ewha Women's University station)

Before that, we had our brunch at this famous porridge restaurant chain in Korea.

Ordered 3 bowls of porridge to share so that we can have more space for other food. :D

They are famous for their pumpkin porridge. 

More like very very find pumpkin purée with glutinous balls and fermented soybeans in it.


Beef porridge.

Abalone porridge.

The other two porridges were good as well. I say Korean porridge is a intermediate between Teochew and Cantonese style porridge. Definitely comfort food to stay the day. 

After a great brunch, we were ready to kick start the day at Edae! Other than Dongdaemun, Edae is another alternative location for cheap shopping in Seoul. 

It can be easily located by finding Ewha Woman's University because Edae is just right infront of the university! 

The beautiful campus.

Anyhow, Ewha Woman's University is one of the top University in Korea and the World's largest female educational institute. 

After a short expedition at the university, we finally made our way to the shopping paradise, Edae. 

Basically Edae is like a giant size bugis street. SO HUGE! We can find almost everything from here. Clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and etc. Most importantly, they are cheap. You can easily find bags and shoes for like 10000 won (~S$11) and clothes ranging from 5000 to 10000 won as well. 

Finally satisfied our shopping craves at Edae after a disappointed visit to Dongdaemun. :D

Settled our tea break at Caffe bene.

Almost all cafes in Seoul have this buzzer thing which will be given to you after you placed your orders at the counter. The buzzer will rings 10 mins later or when the order is ready, which you may then proceed back to the counter to collect. 

Tea time~

Giant mango bingsu.

Garlic cheese toast.

Sipping my green tea. 

Happy tummies produce happy girls. 

We shopped a while more before we left for dinner at Hongdae. 

Our dinner at Haha and Gary's restaurant, Pal Ja Mak Chang, 팔자막창. 

This Hongdae outlet is run by Haha but too bad we weren't lucky enough to meet him. :/ Silly me! It was a Monday! He must be filming Running Man while we were there! 

The artists who have visited the restaurant. 

Anyhow, they specialised in grilled intestines (cow and pig).

This boiled pig intestines is like their 'house special'. Almost every tables have this. 

Dinner was just the 3 of us because Kai Kee and Qiu Lin weren't adventurous enough for intestines. :P

Hongdae station exit 9
Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu 395-17 
(Hongdae branch, very near “Sang Sang Madang”)

Try to ask around if you need. :) Anyway, do drop by early as the restaurant was filled entirely by 7pm (we were there around 6pm). 

After dinner we met up with KK and Qius again and headed to Hello Kitty Cafe 

Also in Hongdae, located behind Wastons. 


Definitely a cafe to visit for Hello Kitty fans. 

Even the toilet is so Hello Kitty.

We had the browine and tiramisu, which were not very nice. Haha! So don't expect much from the food. 

But you'll definitely enjoy taking photos in such a setting (which we did). 

Alright, so this sums up day 3 of the trip. Hope over to Paula's blog now for clearer directions of the places we went! :) 

Please look forward to day 4 because I'm bringing everyone to.. 


Yups. Stay tune! <3


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