Saturday, June 1, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 2

Continuing from my Day 1 post, we were up really early (9am?) because we have a long list of places to visit for the day and of course it was our official 'first' day in Korea! 


I was actually holding a banana & toffee nut milk, which apparently is one of the Korean's favourite drink (you could find it almost everywhere). However, me no like. :/ Also, despite wearing a long dress in an attempt to cover up my legs, I was actually freezing throughout the day. I guess the temperature was well below 20C that day and I did not prepare any sweater. *cries*

Everyone has a sweater EXCEPT ME! Moral of the story: don't try to be a hero. 

Breakfast was at the famous bakery and breakfast joint, Paris Baguette. PS is basically EVERYWHERE in Seoul. You will see one outlet like every other corners. That's how popular the bakery is. Sounds like our Breaktalk? 

I do wish our Breaktalk looks something like this too. <3 

What happens every meal. HAHAHA! Definitely a way to identify us tourists. :P 

Our yummy start to the day. :) 

I especially love the sandwich on the right. No, wait. I'll correct myself. I LOVE EVERYTHING PLEASE. #confessionofabreadlover

Cute cup isn't it? #actuallyjustwannapostaselfie*

The initial plan after breakfast was to attend a church service with Paula, however it was at 9 am and, we woke up at 9 am. Haha! Wells, we still proceeded with the plan but more for sight-seeing.

Myeongdong Cathedral, a very beautiful church also featured in the Korean Drama, You're Beautiful. 

So pretty right?! 
Anyhow, I always imagine my marriage in such a setting. :P 

After a short exploration in the Cathedral, we made our way to Lotte Departmental Store.

And I met my Korean husband along the way. :D

PS: it was so freaking cold that I bought a top and wear it over my dress. 

Street food along the way.

Sorry I don't remember how do they call this in Korea, but we have this in our night market (pasa malam). 

My weapon. :P

Eh, I don't really have any photos of Lotte departmental store, but it's basically a huge building like our Takashimaya. :) We went there because Paula wants her long waited MCM bag. 

After which we went to Star Avenue, located at Lotte anyways. 

Met my oppa again. :')


Anyways, all the above locations are located in Myeongdong or nearby, and they are at walkable distances. By the way, travelling is all about sight-seeing as well right? And I'm pretty sure all the posters and advertisements of K-pop idols are enough to entertain you along the way! Seriously they are everywhere.

You could also camwhore along the way like us too. *winks*

Took the subway there, which they know as Metro, MTR. 

Guess what the rilakkuma thing on my phone is? 

It's actually my access into the MTR aka T-money! So cool right?! There's also angry bird and hello kitty etc. Of course, there are normal cards for the 'normal' commuters. LOL. By the way you can get the T-money from any convenience store.

Do you know that in Korea you are actually allow to eat in the train? They even have convenience store along the platform. Before you start to imagine litters everywhere in the train, there aren't.

However, the downside of Korea's MTR is that it's way too complicated (future of our MRT lines?). We got lost eventually. *cries* Luckily, there was this very kind Ahjussi who approached us after seeing 5 super lost faces. He even kindly travelled with us all the way to the entrance to Bucheon. I know right! Too nice. :')

Eh.. but don't ask me for the direction, I'm super bad at that! I'll let Paula do the job. :P I'm super impressed that she can remember which ways and turns we took. Well,s that's something I can never do. :/

Ok, so back to Bucheon.

I love how there are always beautiful flowers planted along the streets of Seoul. Just brightens my day to see all these pretty little ones.

We settled our lunch in this random Korean eatery that we happened to walk pass.

Glorious Korean food.

Food wasn't especially great, but they were good enough to fill our empty stomach. I think most of us voted the hot stone bibimbap as the best dish.

Anyhow, the owner of the shop is this super cute Ahjussi. He was super friendly to the extent of inviting us to dance Oppa Gangnam Style with him. I know right! Too funny!

Continuing our expedition to the village, while getting lost here and there. 

But we made it eventually. :)

And had a mini photo shoot over there, infront of other people's houses.

PS: It's a residential area despite it being a tourist attraction. Wells, I'll be damn irritated if I were to live there (noisy level and privacy is one issue). Haha! 

It is seriously a very beautiful place, no wonder the residence are willing to tolerate us tourists. :P By the way those living in this village are generally one of the wealthiest around.

Enough of sight-seeing, we made our way to Jongno 3-ga Station, where Seoul Cinema is located.

Before the trip, we actually bought tickets for 'JUMP' online. We paid about $48.50 each person for the show.

Basically it's a comedy show which lasted about 80 mins.

There's even a autograph session after the show.

Leaving our photo prints everywhere. :D

After which, Paula's Korean friend met up with us and bought us for dinner.

We visited Cheongyecheon Stream first before heading for dinner.

Don't laugh at my dressing ok. I was trying all my very best to keep warm. :'(

Cheongyecheon Stream is basically a very long river passing through many places and it is the Korean government's efforts to restore a watercourse into a nature pathway for their citizens to relax and exercise.

Me being tourist, again.

Of course we didn't walk the entire course of the stream, we probably will die a hungry ghost. We proceeded to dinner after 'admiring' the stream.

Samguyupsal (pork belly) for dinner recommended by Paula's Korean friend.

Using charcoal for BBQ! Really hard to see these days.

Let the dinner feast begins! :D


Kai Kee demonstrating how to enjoy Korean BBQ.

Headed to Caffe Pascucci for to chill after a sumptuous dinner.

After which we went to on to Dongdaemum, known as late night shopping as all the shops are open only after midnight.

I was pretty excited about Dongdaemum as I have so much about this place. Like how there are so many pretty clothing at very affordable prices!


Unfortunately for us, we were unable to locate the venue despite asking around. :( We even landed ourselves in 2 super ulu buildings which sells Ah gong, ah ma's clothing and we were like aliens to the shopkeepers! LOL!

Eventually we gave up finding for Dongdaemum as it was like 3am and we were super tired, which explains the lack of photos. Shared a cab back and concussed.

Yups. This is all for day 2. Quite eventful right?

Upcoming for Day 3:
Korean Traditional Porridge Restaurant
Ewha Woman's University
Caffe Bene
Edae (shopping paradise)
Hongdae (food paradise)
Haha's restaurant
Hello Kitty Cafe

Stay tune~


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