Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 4

Hello! Welcome back for day 4 of the trip which is also one of my favourite day because we are going to Everland~ 


Swung by A Twosome Place to get our daily dose of much-needed-caffeine. 

Actually it's just the 3 of us who needed the caffeine. If you're following me on Instagram you probably noticed that there's always only 3 drinks when there were 5 of us travelling. Kai Kee and Qius were forever so hype and energetic despite sleeping late and waking even earlier than us! While the 3 of us are forever in zombie-mode early in the morning. So who's the abnormal one? 

After getting around caffeine, it's time for some real food. We didn't have the time to sit down for a proper breakfast so we packed instead. 

First stop, TOUS les JOURS, one of the famous bakery joint in Seoul. 

Bread heaven for Qius and I, the bread lovers. :D


Next stop, Kimbap Heaven, also a restaurant chain in Seoul. 

Paula, Juyin and Kai Kee wanted to get kimbap but in the end I surrendered to temptation and got a roll of kimchi kimbap for myself, after getting a loaf of pumpkin bread. #caloriesdoesnotexistduringvacation

 Finally we made our way to Everland~ Which was one of the torturous experience ever. :'(

We took the subway to Gangnam station first (quite far from Myeongdong) before transferring to bus 5002 which goes straight to Everland. Please refer to Paula for clearer instructions for the direction. It was a good 45mins ride for us as we stood throughout the journey. I'm fine with standing, but dear Mr driver please be more steady with your driving. I was flying all over because of all the breaks and stops. :( Not to mention it was a really squeezy bus. So embarrassing that I could totally dug a hole and bury myself inside. 

Finally after reaching Everland, we took their shuttle bus which sent us straight to the theme park. 

All the tiredness just vanished the moment I saw the beautiful theme park. :')

But, the most important task to do was to feed our growling stomach first. 

So we had a mini-picnic at one of the benches. :D 
Anyhow, this was my love-at-first-bite for kimbap. I was addicted to kimbap since then. :') 

Oh don't worry my pumpkin, you're irreplaceable. <3 

This pumpkin and black sesame seeds loaf was so good! So soft and filled with lots of pumpkin chunks! :')
I gladly finished the entire loaf and wanting for more. Yes, that's how good the bread was.  

After fuelling up, we were all ready to explore and camwhore is mandatory. 

Yes, I have a very weak spot for flowers. 

Judging from the photo, it was a super sunny day. I think most of them got sunburned as a result. Which surprising didn't occur to me (thank god) despite the lack of sunblock. I was half joking that my skin is automatically producing sunblock after the layers (like 6) that I applied on my skin during camps. :P  

Too cute please! Not only did we spam photos with our cameras, Paula and I were spamming on polaroids too. 

For that reason, it actually took quite sometime before we reached our first attraction. 

We decided to go for something 'light', so animals here we come! 

We ended up queuing for the Lost Valley which was featured in one of the recent Running Man episode. Remember the talking elephant and Kwangsu kissing with the giraffe? Yups, that's the one.

We queued for a good 1 hour or so before we got into the ride. 

However we weren't merely queueing and waiting for our turn. It was specially designed such that the public gets to look at animals along the way and of course camwhore at the same time. 

What we do best. :P

Finally inside! It's like our Duck tour where the vehicle is able to travel both on the land as well as water.

Yes hi to the talking elephant! He was feeling too shy to look at us. LOL!

Where Kim Jong Kook's mission was at. 'SAMBAAA!' 

Hello gilin! Were you the one to kiss Kwangsu? 

Yes, we were this close. 

Basically the ride brings you around the animals they housed. It was indeed a very good experience, especially the part when the giraffe came up so close to us!

Ok enough of animals.

Back to camwhoring. :P

and food time! Presenting churros and corndog. 

and more photo moments. :D

Things to do in theme park: roller coastal rides! 

I think there are like 2 roller coastal rides in the theme park. However, the queues were both insane! Like 2 hours wait? Unfortunately we didn't have the luxury of time so we chose the shorter queue instead. 

However, the ride turned out to be one of the worst roller coastal experience for me. :( I think the 360 degree turn had too much stress on my neck and it was super fast. So I had a nausea and giddiness after the ride. Seriously, I thought was neck was at breaking point during the ride. Not joking, but I was so scared. :/ 

What the 2 'sick' girls do while waiting for the rest to do a final ride. :P

We decided to leave Everland after which, since Kai Kee and Qius have to meet a friend for dinner. 

However we got sucked into more souvenir stores and spent another good hour camwhoring before we finally left. LOL. 


Alright, so we finally head back to Gangnam (yet another horrible bus ride). 

The 3 of us (Paula, Juyin and I) decided to have dinner at SE7EN's restaurant, Yeolbang. 

PS: Paula did a great job with the direction. 

Was super famished by then!

The jjimdak, stewed chicken with glass noodles, that we shared. 

The glass noodles was super good!!! Definitely one of my favourite meals in Seoul. :') 

For some reason, we ended up having a second round of dinner when our stomach were already satisfied. :/ 

Second dinner at Jaws Tteokbokki, another restaurant chain. Perhaps it was dinner time so we had to wait a while before we were given a table. 

Yes we ordered so much despite having just eaten. We had the o-muk, odeng, spicy tteokbokki and soondae.

I specially love the spicy tteokbokki! The spiciness was so shiok for me!! However our dear Paula teared the moment she took a bite. LOL! Oops. So order this if you're really good with spiciness ya?



So we were like super full after the second dinner, the girls and I decided to burn some calories (and money) at Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall, which is also another cheap shopping location like Edae. However, please note that though it's call Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall, it isn't located in Gangnam. Instead, it is located at Express Bus Terminal Station.   

Ok, that's all for day 4. What a day right? So packed to the brim. Haha! But that's the fun of travelling isn't it? :) 

Coming up for Day 5, I'll be bringing everyone to several places again. Such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insadong, Miss Lee's Cafe, Lotte Mart. 

Yups. Till then! :)


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