Thursday, June 6, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 5


Breakfast was at Kimbap Heaven again. I think we kept going there because we became too lazy tired to explore other food place. But most importantly we were contented with the food from there. Anyways, it was breakfast for 3 because KK and Qius woke up earlier and had breads beforehand.

Kimchi kimbap and cheese kimbap.

Both were so so so delicious! I can't even!! :')

Pumpkin porridge, a must order for me whenever I sees it on the menu. Anyhow, do you know that pumpkin porridge is freaking expensive in Korea? This tiny bowl costed me almost S$10. While the kimbap and ramen together wasn't even S$10. I'll still order anyways. :P

After a good breakfast, we kick start day 5 with a visit to Changdeokgung Palace. 


Tourist moment 1. 

Tourist moment 2. 

The map of the palace. We explore the main palace on our own and bought tickets for the secret garden tour. Yes, they do have different types of tour catered for different languages as well. 

Now, let the picture do the talking. :)

If you're a K-drama lover, probably some of these photos would look familiar to you! 

Camwhore moment caught red-handed. Oops. :P

The secret garden tour lasted about 80mins. Yes, so freaking long. Haha. Honestly I got bored after a while. I mean it was seriously like attending a history of Korea lecture. Plus we had to walk slopes after slopes to get around, which killed us literally towards the end. :/ #ageingproblem

Can you tell we were totally shagged from this photo? :P

Bye Changdeokgung Palace, we had a great workout history session with you. 

By then we were all super hungry from all the walking. I was wishing I have the power to teleport all of us to our lunch venue. Haha! 

Super late lunch was at Miss Lee Cafe, located at Insadong (just across the street from Bukchon).  

This was also the cafe that yongseo couple (Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE & Seo Hyun of SNSD) filmed for one of the episodes of 'We got married'. 

Love the cute and cosy interior design. 

Anyways, this cafe is famous for it's nostalgic lunch box meal.

A very simple looking bento. Think you could just dig in like this? FAT HOPE!

You have to hold up the bento and give it some very hard shakes to mix well all the ingredients (good workout again). 

Not easy to eat you at all, dear bento. :')

We ordered a Giant Bingsu for sharing after which. Definitely needed this as the weather was so warm!

PS: the weather strangely became so much warmer after day 4 of our trip. Sweaters and layering were gladly abandoned by all of us. 

After lunch, we explored Insadong. The place is very cultural and has a very artistic feel. So it's more of a location for sight-seeing. :) 

Can't resist street food. 

I will only eat 'shit' that is filled with redbean. #justsaying. :P

The girls looking all so curious with the surrounding.

Finally the feet were tired. 

So we went for a drink. Ok, just Paula, Juyin and I. I had a flower tea by the way, which tasted just like ice water with flowers inside. -.- 

Gave in to food temptation, yet again. :D

We were supposed to head to Lotte Mart next, but we decided to swing by Natuur Pop for ice cream. Wells, because Paula wanted to collect files of her idol and you have to purchase their ice cream to do so. 

We thought we could easily locate the place which turns out to be a close to 2 hours hunt, with us getting very very lost. In the end we had to seek help from quite a few Koreans before we finally found our way there. 

The girls happily choosing their ice creams

while I was camwhoring, safe-guarding our belongings. :P

We had to eat this amount of ice cream for the files. :O
But I think their ice creams were quite nice, probably because we were damn shagged and ice cream does helps to calm us down. :D

Finally we made our way to Lotte Mart located at Seoul Station. 

Basically it is a hypermarket that sells a variety of groceries, clothing, toys, electronics, and other goods (something like our Fairprice Xtra). 

Actually, I think there were more foreigners at the mart than the locals. Haha! 

The amount of food we bought, which I think we definitely regretted at the end of the trip because our luggages were swearing to explode! #greedypeopleproblem We eventually had to cab back because there was no way we could carry all these back with the subway. 

Supper for the girls.

The admin at our guest house helped us to order jajangmyun takeout, which feels so korean-ish~

Authethic jajangmyun was so DELICIOUS!!! Too bad I didn't get a chance to have a bowl for myself for the subsequent days. :'(

Happy food produces happy girls for sure. ;)

Alright, that's the end of Day 5. Catch up on day 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you had missed any. :)

Next up for day 6 would be a whole day shopping in Myeongdong! You'll be shocked with the amount of cosmetic products we bought. Haha! So stay tune! :P



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  2. Hi I'm Korean :) and of course I'm living in Korea now
    but your posts are so so so funny even for me!
    I dunno why I'm reading all travel reviews of a foreigner XD
    the only simple reason is It's just so funny!
    thanks for posting about South Korea xoxo

    1. Hi dear! Haha! You're so cute! I hope I didn't write anything wrong? hehe! I really love South Korea! Hopefully I'll get to visit again soon! :)