Saturday, June 8, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 6

Alright day 6 gonna be a very girlish post because it was a whole day shopping in Myeongdong. Yes, the entire day and it wasn't enough to satisfy our shopping thirst. :P

OOTD, dress bought from Gangnam underground mall for 5000 won (~S$5.50), cheap or what?

Had our breakfast at a porridge shop in Myeongdong. 

Of course I need to get my pumpkin porridge. :D

This bowl of porridge with some grains was more than S$10 and was much expensive than the other bowls of porridge with meat and seafood.

Let the shopping begins!
All of us were like asking Paula for recommendation and so on. Our missy here is very into makeup, skincare, nails and etc. In general, she's the cosmetic expert among us so who would be a better to seek for help than her right? :D

This is us from our first shop, THEFACESHOP alone. :P

There other many other cosmetic shops in Myeongdong like Etude House, Natural Republic, Tony Moly, Missha, Innisfree, Clio and etc. One street can even have more than one outlet of Etude House and so on. So can you understand why we went crazy? But most importantly it's also because the prices were so much cheaper than Singapore. 

Mandatory shot. <3

We made our way back to our guest house to drop our buys before lunch, we really can't carry so much. I even have a bruise on my arm from the heavy bags. -.- So it's really a good thing that our guest house is so nearby. 

Lunch at Kimbap Heaven again! Haha! Good thing that they have a very extensive menu. 

And the shopping continues after powering up with food.

We were actually supposed to head to Siloam at night, but we postponed the trip and decided to just shop our hearts out. We call it a day at about 9/10pm? Haha! Madness. 

Dinner + Supper.

 I only had the one at the bottom, which was chicken coated with some sweet sauce. Really good!! 

This drink that I'm holding, I highly recommend everyone to go and try if you have a chance! It's a type of rice wine and rest assured that it's not very alcoholic! :) 

My loots of the day, which continues to expand. :D


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