Sunday, June 9, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 7


Sorry I looked too scary. Sleep derived totally.

Anyhow, we finally dragged our tired bodies (actually just Juyin, Paula and I) to Siloam Sauna.

It can be found a few hundred meters from Seoul Station (where Lotte Mart is). Their focus on saunas, cold rooms, oxygen rooms, and a bathing areas for each genders. 

In the changing room.
Hmm.. my camera angle has to be positioned very correctly because there were a lot of naked women walking around. Apparently they were very comfortable with that, but I'm sorry I cannot. :P 

The second floor of the building is a fully-fledged Korean restaurant, where we settled our brunch. Again it was for the usual threes.

After enjoying a very good Korean-style brunch, it was time to explore the sauna! 

The six floors building covers everything from the gender-segregated bathing areas to sleeping rooms. There is even a fitness center open to paying guests, as well as KTV rooms! 

Us in the 'salt room' and I was buried in salt by KK. 

Can't remember what room this was, but we had a great nap in here. 

Lamb towel hat! :P

Of course it's mandatory to enjoy some hot boiled eggs when you're in sauna.

PS: I actually tried to crack the egg shell with my head (too much Running Man) and I swear to you they weren't exaggerating about that pain. T.T

We totally lazed over there till it was dinner time before we decided it was time to move on. :P
Directions: Get to Seoul Station in central Seoul (serviced by line 1, line 4, and the Gyeongui line on the Seoul subway system). If coming by bus, take any of dozens of buses to Seoul Station and head into the subway station. Take exit 1 to street level and walk as though you're transferring to the Gyeongui line. After walking down the stairs, turn right and walk along the sidewalk. After about 100 meters, cross the road to your left and begin looking for the classic sauna logo: three rays of steam above a bowl. Bear left, then look right.

Dinner was another local eatery located at Hongdae

We came to this eatery because we trusted Ladyironchef's recommendation of their Samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup). According to him, the soup was delicious.

However. To our disappointment. The soup was no way near delicious. :( The glutinous rice wasn't even cooked and the soup was so bland without much hint of ginseng in it. Not to sound arrogant, but the samgyetang that I made earlier was much better than this. 

We also ordered a stew which we still couldn't decide what meat was in it.
Chicken? Pork? Beef? I say just eat. 

Haemul Pajeon, Korean seafood pancake.
Though the samgyetang was a disappointment, this seafood pancake makes up for all. It was really good!

We decided to make our way back to Myeongdong for more shopping after dinner (Yes again).

 But we got swayed by the street food (again). 

Be sure to try more street food when you're in Korea alright? I regretted not trying more. :(

Coming up for day 8:
Butterfingers Pancakes
Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

See you again! *winks*


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