Saturday, June 22, 2013

Recipe: Kueh Lapis (steamed layer cake)

Kueh Lapis otherwise, steamed 9-layered cake, is probably a local snack that everyone would have eaten one way or another. I have always wanted to make this for the longest time but laziness had the best of me.:P 

Wells, finally I told myself, no I have to strike this off my baking list!  So the lazy bone and I negotiated, yes we gonna make it but just 3 colours instead of the usual colourful kueh. The deal is so and kitchen here we go! 

Ingredients (recipe adapted and modified from here):
350g Tapioca flour
    100g Rice flour
     500ml Water
     280g Sugar
     4 Pandan leaves
     500ml Thick coconut milk with a pinch of salt
     Rose pink colouring
Pandan paste

1. In a pot, boil water,sugar and pandan leaves together till sugar dissolved. Turn off heat, discard pandan leaves and add in coconut milk. Stir well and leave aside to cool.

2. Mix tapioca flour and rice flour together and gradually blend well into coconut liquid with a hand whisk. Strain mixture through a sieve to ensure it is free from lumps.

3. Divide mixture in three equal portions and add desire colourings (red and pandan paste) into each portion, keeping one portion white. (You can use more colours if you prefer to have more colourful layers)

4. Grease a 7 inch square or round cake pan and place in steaming pot for few minutes over high heat.

5. Pour about 100-125ml of white liquid into the heated pan and steam at high heat for about 4 minutes or until batter is cooked. Then add 100-125ml  of green liquid onto it and steam for another 4 minutes. Finally add 100-125ml  of red liquid onto it and steam for another 4 minutes.

6. Repeat the procedure, alternating white, green and pink liquids until all the batters are used up (remember to stir the batter every time before pouring out the liquid to steam).

7. Add a little more rose pink colour to the last layer to make it a deeper shade.

8. Leave Kueh Lapis to cool completely after steamed and invert the pan to knock out the kueh.

9. Grease knife with little oil before cutting. You may also brush a little oil on the surface as gloss finishing.

My baby is cooling. :')

Sliced and ready for the obsessed mummy, me, to take tons of photos! Bahahaha! 

Feel so proud of myself for making this. I see this as an achievement unlocked, because I bothered to make such a tedious kueh. Even my mum was like YOU MADE THESE?! O.O

Ok, right now my new mission is to make the baked version of kueh lapis. Let's see when will miracle happens again. :P 

This is my my favourite way of enjoying kueh lapis. I guess it's everyone else favourite way as well isn't it? 



  1. Hi Lirong

    Pleasant looking colour combination Kow Teng Kueh. So did you achieve 9 layers?

    Are you able to advise me did the kueh stay soft the next day?

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      Thank you!) Yes I did! I repeated the red,green and white layers thrice. :)

      The kueh did stay soft till the next day. A way to do that is to wrap the kueh with transparent plastic sheet. :)

  2. Hi Lirong,

    May I know if I could substitute the tapioca flour with corn flour? And do you know if there is any difference between them?


    1. Hi Helen!:)

      No you can't use corn flour for this. The texture will be diff. You can use mung bean flour if you have. :)

  3. Hi is there any difference in using rice flour as some recipes doesnt use rice flour. I am tryung out for the first time thanks

    1. Hi, the texture will be different. Rice rice is more sticky. :)