Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sponsered: The Stage Walk

If you're following me on Instagram or twitter (@lirongs), you probably sees me posting some OOTD (super rare) from The Stage Walk. Yes, the sweet ladies decided to sponsor me some lovely clothes. <3 

First up is this this Polka Dot Skater Flare Skirt

Love that the skirt is very light and airy, super need this in this humid Singapore!

Plus, it's a bonus when the skirt is of polka dot design! #confessionofapolkadotlover 

Close up to the details. 

Wore this out that day and received quite a bit of compliments! 
Heh heh. :D 

Second piece is this Colette Work Dress.

This is definitely a piece that every OL should have in their wardrobe. 

What surprised me was the material of the dress. For $28, I definitely did not expect such good quality. 

Also, I felt that the dress is very flattering on me too. :D 

So here's the good news for everyone. For all my followers, quote 'Lirong' to enjoy 10% discount for all your purchases from The Stage Walk. 

PS: International shipping is available as well. 


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