Friday, July 19, 2013


So I've officially graduated from NUS! :') 

2009, I was here for my inauguration. Today, 2013, at the same place, I'm graduating. :') 

Honestly, I was not even a bit excited for my commencement. In fact I kept forgetting that my commencing date was 15th July. -.- 

I guess I fear the day to come. :/
1. I'm not ready to leave school. Yes, a part of me wants to be a student forever. 
2. I've witnessed how messy and tiring commencements are. 
3. My mum may not be able to make it on that day. T.T

You have no idea how happy I was when my mum was able to make it for my commencement at the eleventh hour. :') Thank you mummy for everything and so sorry for my childish behaviour for the last few weeks. <3 


I'm truly the happiest girl on Earth to have both my pillars with me. T^T 
Thank you daddy and mummy for always trusting me and supporting every decisions that I've made. For believing in me, for giving me the best of everything, for pampering like a queen, for tolerating my nonsense, for being the best parents I can ever ask for. :') 

Of course I can't forget my awesome (sometimes) brother. Thank you for always being there quietly for Jie whenever Jie is in need. You're truly Jie's superhero in disguise! For that Jie will continue to listen to your rants on army and be your personal chauffeur. :P

My #1 fan. :3 

I can't imagine how my FYP would be like without this group of awesome ones. Thank you for making lab so much tolerable. I wouldn't miss cell culturing or western blotting in any ways, but I'll definitely miss those times when we gossiped, laughed, sang, danced, and being crazy in the lab together. Thank you Li Feng for the immense guidance, I cannot ask for an even better mentor than you. To the girls, I deeply love each and everyone of you. <3 

Didn't manage to take photos with many of my BMS mates. I shall just like Shu Qing, Melvyn and Gene represent. :P It was a great pleasure to work with each and every of you. You guys are always so fun to be around with! The last 2 years in NUS were the best not only because I could read the modules that I'm interested in but also I get to meet people with the same passion. I always feel that I've learnt so much after just a short discussion with you guys. 

For sure one of the best memories in NUS is definitely from Science Club. I was able to meet so many awesome people in Science! I see so many beautiful souls, so many inspiration individuals. The scene of Rag & Flag 2010 will forever be playing in my head. :')  

Despite killing my CAP for the first few semesters, I have no regret joining the big family, be it Flag Comm, Sport Comm and FOPs. <3 

Leaving the best to the last, Gambits. Every single day I'm thankful that I have gotten the chance to attend SOW'09. What is NUS without them?! I still constantly look back to our orientation photos and can never fail to be amazed by how our friendship has grown. 

Thank you girls for everything. Couldn't be more happy to have you girls with me for my commencement. <3 Cheers to many more years of friendship! 

ps: Hidaya is being very 'pet' in this photo (standing behind the 'masters')! Hahaha! 

I have to say I definitely have the most fulfilling 4 years in NUS. The journey has ended but the memories always stay. ♥



  1. Wow! Hard work pays off. Wishing you all the best in your next foray.

    Priscilla Poh