Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recipe: Yam Layer Cake

Yam Layer Cake.

My cousins came for a visit and I'm definitely seizing this opportunity to grab more guinea pigs. Hahaha! Of course not. I'm still very nervous to let other people besides my family to taste my cooks/bakes. 

 Quoting my cousin, 'it's like eating a yam flavoured kueh lapis cake' .

That I agrees with her. So you may want to try this if you're looking for a kueh-like/pudding texture cake. :)

Sponge cake ingredients:
5 eggs
5 Tbsp sugars
150g plain flour
3 Tbsp oil
1/2 Tsp vanilla extract

Sponge cake method:
1. Beat the eggs with a hand mixer. Add in the sugars in 3 different batches and whip until the egg batter is light and creamy.
2. Add in the oil followed by vanilla extract.
3. Fold in the sieved flour until well combined.
4. Pour the batter into a lined 8" round tin.
5. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C for 25 mins.
6. Let the cake cool on a rack before removing from the pan. Slice into 4 pcs** horizontally after the cake has cooled down.

**you may sliced into 3 pcs if you prefer a thicker layer of sponge cake. 

Yam Layer Ingredients:
(A) 800 ml water
140 g sugar
Pinch of salt
2 Tsp agar powder

500 g yam, steamed and blended to purée

100 ml water
80 g cornflour

Yam Layer Method:
1. Combine (A) and cook till boiling.
2. Combine (B) and add into (A), mix well.  
3. Continue to cook the (A+B) mixture till boiling, then add (C) and cook till the mixture thickens to pudding like texture. 

To assemble:
1. Place one layer of cake into a 9” cake ring. Pour some yam pudding over, smooth it and top with another layer of cake. Repeat this step and finish the last layer with yam pudding.
2. Let the cake cool to room temperature before refrigerate for overnight. 
3. Remove the cake ring and decorate with desiccated coconut as desired. 

The method to bake this cake may sounds complicated, but it's actually not as long as you organise and plan beforehand. :) For me, I baked the sponge cake in the morning and let it cool before making the yam pudding and assembles in the late afternoon.

This is definitely a very Asian-fusion cake. Unlike the usual buttercream cake which makes you feel all guilty and gelat, this cake is butter free and therefore guilt-free. My cousin even said the cake gives a very refreshing after taste, since it's more of a pudding cake. :) Also, like I always do, I modified the recipe a little by reducing the sugar amount and used trimmed coconut milk instead for a healthier version. 

Ask/fm if you have any questions! :)



  1. reaction to this was "must. make. immediately!" haha. It sounds amazing and I love yam! just gotta find some nice fresh ones in Perth first! Thanks for sharing - you're such an awesome baker + cook man!

    1. Hi dear!:) I'm so glad you like it as much as I do! :D You're welcome my dear and thank you for your kind words! <3


  2. Hi Lirong,

    I tried ur recipe and it taste awesome. However, my sponge cake turned out quite hard.and it taste very eggy. Is it suppose to be like this or did i go wrong somewhere? Please advise so that i can improve my skills:)


    1. Hi dear,

      Thank you for trying my recipe and glad that you like it! :) The sponge is actually supposed to be very soft and fluffy. Hmm.. I can't exactly advice on what has gone wrong as the could be many factors influencing. Be sure to follow exactly the ingredient amounts though. :)


    2. I faced this problem as well. I think it was because I beat the eggs and sugar for too long. I followed the sponge cake recipe used for the strawberry shortcake where the eggs and sugar were first beat at high speed followed by low speed and found that the resultant cake was more fluffy. I think the flour have to be folded in carefully as well without introducing too much air bubbles but at the same time quickly as the eggs and sugar mixture should not be left for too long.

  3. Hi, can I ask do you need to add yam flavouring to enhance the flavour? And do you need to add purple colour paste to get the purple colour? Thankyou!

    1. Hi! I recently tried to bake this cake and personally I do not think the yam flavour needs to be enhanced. It's quite a light taste so it wasn't very jelat but my friends and family still could taste the yam. I didn't add any colouring and my cake turned out slightly purple like in her photos. But I guess taste and colour can be modified to your own preference! :)