Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Ambush @ Bishan Junction 8

A random dinner date with the girls because my brain somehow registered that I was supposed to meet them. Anyhow everyone was available that night. Awesome. 

Ambush for dinner. It is a fast casual dining restaurant where diners can go for a taste of the European cuisine.

Our pet. She's not a cheetah, she's a pink Merlion. 

Alright, jokes aside. Point to note, please place a reservation before heading down. The queue was insanely long! At Junction 8? Ok, I'm surprised. Thank god I've decided to call for a table beforehand. 

We ordered two appetizers to share. First, German mini sausages platter, $8.80.

 It has two different types of sausages here, chicken garlic and chicken cheese. Personally I couldn't taste any hint of cheese from the chicken cheese sausages, so I prefer the chicken garlic one. 

Second appetizer, French Escargots, $8.50. 

It's the first time I see escargots (snails) being served off their shells. I would think that serving from the shell is more aesthetically appealing? Anyhow, we agreed that their escargots were yummy. 

Norwegian Salmon Fillet Pasta., $13.20.

I love this pasta a lot! Personally, I love tomato-based pasta than the creamy-based one. What makes this pasta special is the addition of Thai basil sauce and that really works well to the palate. 

Vongole & Norwegian Shrimps Pasta, $12.80.

This pasta was cooked with white wine sauce, interesting ya? However, the taste was nothing by bland. I heard from other Instagrammers that they did not enjoy this pasta as well. :/ 

Marinara Paella, $13.80.

The only rice entry we had and it was good! The rice was full of flavours and has a little hint of sourness from the tomatoes which helps to bring up the appetite. 

Mixed Seafood Pasta, $12.80.

Basically, this is the pasta version of the marinanra paella. Try this if you're not a fan of rice. :)

Nobody gets to eat until Lirong is done with photographing.  
Oops, appetizers were almost gone. :P 

Ok, eat time! :D

I think other than the Vongole & Norwegian Shrimps Pasta, we pretty much enjoyed our dinner. :) Service was not bad as our food came pretty promptly. However, it was hard to get the attention of the waiters/waitresses. Well, can't blame them as they were really busy serving the full house of diners. 


Super in love with Aztec prints and long skirts recently. Hee.. 

Junction 8 Shopping Centre, #02-19
Contact: 6353 3960
Opens daily, 11:00 - 22:00


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