Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Brownice (Cafe hopping at Upper Thomson Part 3)

Finally at the last stop of our cafe hopping, refer to my reviews on Little Pancakes and Habitat Coffee if you have missed them. :)

Brownice is the first vegan ice cream parlor in Singapore that does organic, dairy free frozen treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth out there.  Yes! Cheers to guilt-free indulgence! (Y)

Their ice cream is made from organic brown rice milk, absolutely no cream, no milk, no eggs and using only natural flavours  I guess this is like the best thing for all the weight watchers?  

Crispy vegan waffles with black sesame ice cream and peanut butter caramel. 

Brownice offers quite a range of ice creams and changes on a daily basis. Which explains why I couldn't find my pumpkun coconut flavour. T.T Sounds exotic? Yups, in fact most of their flavours here are quite special, check out their menu for more! :) 

Comparing the black sesame and peanut butter caramel, I much prefer the black sesame. It gives a stronger after taste while the latter was okay.. I guess the taste of black sesame out shines in this case. However, the guys beg to differ. They voted for the peanut butter caramel. Well, I'm not at all surprised. Black sesame seems to be more of a girls' flavour? 

You must also be wondering how a brown rice milk ice cream tasted like? Well, at least for me it tasted exactly like the normal ice cream, you probably wouldn't know the difference unless someone tells you. In fact I much prefer brownice's ice cream. Do you always have the problem of ice cream melting faster than you could finish them? That always happens to me and it suck. :( However the ice creams here are 'firmer' in the sense that they do not melt so quickly. Hooray to no ice-cream-water! :P 

Their crispy vegan waffle is also to die for. It's crispy on the outer but so fluffy and soft in the inner!! Zomg! Why didn't someone bring me to Brownice earlier?! :'D

Yes to guilt-free and yet yummy treat! :3

Sin Ming Centre
8 Sin Ming Road #01-03

Singapore 575628 

Tel: 6456 6431
Mon - Thu13:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sun13:00 - 00:00


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