Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: Revolution Coffee

One of the newest 'ulu cafe' in town - Revolution Coffee. Well hidden in Media Circle, where's that right? 

I guess what really attracted me about this cafe is the retro and antique environment, which I'm totally a sucker. 

It's essentially quite spacious. However, given the huge tables that they use, they are only like 3 tables in the cafe. Well, I guess the owner don't really expect a crowd since it's literally inaccessible without a car? 

But that's what makes this cafe special too,  a place for people who really want some me-time. 

The menu was quite extensive. Ranging from bread, sandwiches to pizza and pasta. Of course not forgetting their freshly brewed coffees which have won over many hearts. 

Banana bread, $ 4.50. 

Never, never judge a book by it's cover as they always say. This banana bread may looks so ordinary, it however is the item that everyone MUST have when they visit. We where there about 11am on a weekday and this was the second last piece. Yes. So popular. 

Grilled satay chicken breast sandwich, $8.

Well, I assure there's no typo. This huge sandwich is only $8. Definitely economical. 

The satay sauce was the hero of this sandwich, making whole thing so favourable. 

Margherita Pizza, $8. 

Yes, another affordable item on their menu, 8 bucks for 4 pieces of pizza. Definitely a steal when the ingredients used were especially fresh too!

Look at that generous amount of cheese. 

Revolution Coffee has definitely climbed high up on my 'favourite cafe' list. Love the ambience and the food. The service crew were so cheerful too which can be hard to get nowadays. It was overall an enjoyable experience. :) 

Ending with my OOTD. Bye! :P

21 Media Circle, #01-03A Singapore 138562
+65 6777 2110
Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1700
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 1800


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