Friday, August 2, 2013

Recipe: Chinese White Honeycomb Cake/白糖糕 (II)

Chinese White Honeycomb Cake/白糖糕

Just recently I was craving for some 白糖糕 so I went over to the nearest nonya kueh confectionery to satisfy my craving. However, to my dismay, the stall has sold out of 白糖糕 when I was there (about 10am). *cries*

Disappointed, but I was really having a strong craving for 白糖糕, so I googled for the nearest nonya kueh confectionery around my area and gave them a call to check if they still have any on sale (Yes, that how far I'll go to satisfy my craving). '

'Sorry, we have sold out.'

Are you freaking kidding me?! It's like the whole island is out-of-stock for 白糖糕 at freaking 10 am in the morning. 

NO! I'm stubborn as hell. I need 白糖糕! Nobody's gonna sell me. Fine. I'll make.  :> 

Did a quick google (google is my bff) for recipe. Well I do have a recipe, but it takes freaking 6 hours, my stomach does not approve of that.  Lucky me, I found a recipe that requires only 2 hours of fermentation. I was sceptical with the result, but I was more desperate. So hack, just whack! 

150g rice flour
50g corn starch flour
100g sugar
1 Tsp instant yeast
400 ml water

1. Combine rice flour, corn starch flour, sugar and water. Mix well until they form a uniform mixture. 

2. Using a low fire, stir and cook the mixture. When the mixture starts to form small doughs, remove from heat. 

3. Continue to stir the mixture until the small doughs dissolve. Pass the mixture through a sieve into a new bowl to remove any undissolved doughs. 

4. Dissolve instant yeast in 3 Tsp of water, pour into (3) when the mixture has cooled. Mix well.

5. Pour (4) into a 10'' tin  (don't need to grease the tin), cover and let it ferment for 2 hrs. 

6. Before the 2 hrs time is up, prepare a boiling steamer to steam (5). Steam it for 15-20 mins. 

7. Remove and let 白糖糕 cool before slicing. 

**Points to note: Don't like it ferment beyond 2 hrs as the 白糖糕 will taste too sour and don't use a tin that is too small, otherwise the honeycomb wouldn't show up nicely. 

I'm so loving this new recipe, in fact I think it's better than all the other versions that I have tried. I've actually baked steamed thrice using this recipe and all of them turns out to be great. 

In 2 hours I can get a decent 白糖糕. Why not?

The beautiful honeycomb (I think). :')



  1. Looks easy! It's going on my to-try list.

    1. Got to say this is indeed one of the easiest recipe around in terms of time. :D