Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Dome

Met up with Gambits some times back. Seriously our gatherings have gone for once a month to a few months to once a year. LOL! 

Dome @ Scott Square 

Though, right tucked in the busy Orchard road, the restaurant was kinda empty when we were there for dinner. Honestly, I was like 'oh shit, another cmi place?' :/

I'm sorry if you chose to sit next to/near me. I'm never going to let you eat until I get my perfect shot. :P

Seafood Marinara, $14.20.

Crayfish & crab claw pasta, $16.90.

Chorizon & hawiian chicken baked rice, $14.20.

Herb satchi fillet, $15.90.

Bacon aglio olio, $14.20.

Spinach & ricotta ravoili, $14.20.

My first ravoili experience, and yes it did not disappoint! 

Munchy combi, $14.50.

There were like 12 of us so we tried most of their entrées (quite a few not photographed as they were smart enough to be seated far away from me.:P) and my friends were full of praises for their food. It's definitely a place to swing by if you're looking for good food away from the crowds. :) 

4th year anniversary! <3

6 Scotts Road, #B1-08
Singapore 228209

Tel : 6538 2256
Fax : 6538 2215
Operating Hours : 8.00am to 10.00pm (Daily)


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