Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Pancake Party (1)

Started this #sundaypancakeparty hashtag with some talented girls on Instagram. So for a start we have 'chocolate' as the theme (we have a weekly theme). 

My 'death by chocolate' inspired from my experience at Little Pancakes of course. 

Ticket to chocolate paradise (and perhaps type II diabetes mellitus):  6 tiny chocolate pancakes
                                                                                                       generous amount of chocolate syrup
                                                                                3 pieces of oreo (not gonna stop you if you need more)
                                                                                               Tablespoon full of nutella goodness
                                                                                              Equally generous amount of maple syrup
                                                  Decor with some rainbow rice and hearts (doesn't hurt to have pretty food)

Lastly, monster it up.

Eye feast of what the rest of the girls prepared. 

Eh.. my pancakes like kiddo's meal compared to theirs. T.T


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