Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Pancake Party 3

Welcome back for more pancakes. :) Moving on strong to the third week of the party and we have Black Sesame as the theme. 

5 stacks of black sesame pancakes topped with strawberries, maple syrup and icing sugar. 

Trust me, this pancake party thing has definitely brushed up my pancake skills! I hardly even make pancakes previously. Probably like once every blue moon that kind. But this event with the girls not only challenges my brain juice (with all the exotic themes), it also challenges my pancake making skill. Proudly, I can now say that I can make some really awesome and fluffy pancakes! :')

As you can see from my pancakes, I was definitely out-challenged by the theme. My pancakes were so 'unoriginal'. Haha! Now, look at what the rest of the ladies did. 

Honeybeesweets88 made a special appearance for the week! Just look at how fluffy her pancakes are! T.T 

Check out Sunday Pancake Party 1 and 2 if you've missed them! ^^



  1. Hi Lirong! Can you post the black sesame pancake recipe? It looks good! ^.^

    1. Hi!:) You can refer to my just replace the 1 cup flour with 0.5cup flour and 0.5cup black sesame. :)