Friday, October 11, 2013

Instagram Potluck

Probably not the first time I'm saying this, but I have to. I'm so glad to have joined the instagram community. Not for the frame but for the friendships that were built along the way. :') Of course one of them is with my 'Yam sisters'.

Recently we had a potluck session at Qian Han's place. Look at the spread of homemade food! :D 

My cute qian qian~ <3 

perfectly roasted chickens.

Colourful and very yummy fried bee hoon,

Orh nee! Omg. Don't need to say you'll know I died at this. *.*

I swear everything that qian qian made was so NICE.

Sigh.. too pro right? I know.

Now presenting the food that I made. :P

Pumpkin kueh.

Japanese curry pancakes.

Charlene's food~

We are sucker of fruits!

This quiche was so so so DELICIOUS~

The crust was so buttery while the filling was so smooth and favourable. NEEDDDDD.

Mandy the bunny's food. 

Vege salad that we adored too! 

The awesome sandwiches that was almost threw away by her!

Ellen the Queen of Lateness. :P

She made pasta for us and bread too! But she left it at home. -.-

Yummy food produces happy girls. :)

Sisters~ <3

You know sometimes you really don't need any fancy or atas food. It's the thought and of course the company which counts. :)


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