Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: Ramen Champion

I finally feels the 'crave' and the waiting for TGIF after being with the boy.

Because Saturday is officially SUNTAN day. :PpP

A light afternoon tea featuring street food from Bugis Junction to fill our tummies before we shopped our time away. ^^ 

I think the boy did more shopping than me can! I has a vain bf. LOL!
 So here's the deserted gf entertaining herself with mirror shot. :P

Ramen Champion for dinner at Bugis+

Ramen Champion is a free-seating, ramen marketplace, with stalls selling the same thing – Ramen. It has a very interesting concept and that is to crown the Ultimate Ramen Champion, which is based on the number of bowls of ramen sold over a period of time. Currently, the place houses 6 contestants, TONKOTSU ITTO, MENDOKORO AOI, KAZUO YAMAGISHI, BUTA GOD, GANTETSU, BARIO. 

In the end we decided to go for Bario, lead by Mr. Tsujida, the head of one of the best shops in Tokyo, for Jirokei (Jiro style) Ramen that made The Guardian UK recently listed Jiro in its "50 best things to eat in the world" list. "Ramen of the man, by the man, for the man."

Signature Ajitama Ramen. 

The reason we opted for Bario was because of that mountain of beansprouts. :D

Spicy Ramen. 

The soup base here is not your creamy Tonkotsu soup, instead it is a semi clear rich pork bone soup with bits of abura (small pieces of fat) suspended in it.  Then there is the huge serving of chewy noodles supporting a Atlas sized mound of beansprouts and cabbage leaves. Already a huge bowl by itself yet the boy actually ordered extra noodles FOR ME. Like what.... 

In the end I made him polished clean that noodles. :P

Ramen craving satisfied! Yay! <3 

201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ #04 - 10
Singapore 188067
DAILY 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
+65 6238 1011


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