Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Uppercrust

What do you call a meal at 4pm? Haha. Wells, met the girlfriends for some healthy food at Uppercrust at eh.. an awkward hour. 

We really love the ambience of the place as it is so Instagrammer-friendly akin good lighting! :D

Uppercrust to me is like a more atas Subway. It allows you to create your own sandwiches with their widespread of organic breads, fresh veggies and meat items. 

Besides DIY-ing your own sandwiches, there's also a separate counter for salad lovers to create your very own favourite bowl of greens. 

Here's the selections for sandwiches. I was literally spoiled with choices that I was standing there for like a century because I couldn't decide. :P Luckily the ladies were so patient to wait for the indecisive me. Heh.

Finally my sandwich in the making!

What we had. The salad were really awesome! Like a serious huge and colourful bowl! 

My DIY sandwich. Basically it's chicken breast with all the available vege (greedy girl is me) and topped with a sauce, which I can't remember but it's suppose to be spicy.

Super in love with my sandwich. T.T

Of course, I have to try their highly rated pumpkin soup!! Yes, it was good. Unlike soup spoon, the pumpkin soup here is not as thick but definitely SWEET as well. In short, pumpkin soup in anyway is awesome. <3 

My pretty dates. <3 

  • 64 Circular Road Singapore, 
  • Singapore 049418
  • Mon - Fri07:00 - 19:00
  • 6221 7022


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