Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Hungry Heroes @ Tessensohn Road

Having the impulse to write about this cafe because I've just caught Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Have you? :D 

Shall not say anything about the movie just in case I spoil it for anyone. :P 
But I bet there are more than enough spoilers on the net. Haha!

Anyway, Hungry Heroes located at Little India, is a 2 storey high cafe filled with all the superheroes displays and things!

Probably like the heaven of all Superheroes fans? 

Not limited to just heroes from DC comics, Marvel as well! 

I got to know that the owner spent 25 years to collect all this! :O 

Definitely have to grab the chance to take some photos here! Hahaha!:P

Check out my Dayre for more visual of the superhero-themed cafe! ^^


Mr Tan and I were invited to Hungry Heroes to try some of the new items on their menu. :)

Dinner started with some sides dishes for sharing. ^^

Clash of the potatoes, mayo & scallions, $7.
This is duck fat potatoes! And duck fat potatoes are the BEST! 

Heroes fries, $10.
Beef chilli con carne, nacho cheese and mayonnaise. A classic American food. 
It can never go wrong with a deadly sinful combination like this!

I really like both sharing plates that we've tried. ^^

Bacon karate chop with honey thyme gastrique and French fries, $20.

The portion looks small eh? That was how I felt when I saw it. 
But after slicing, the portion was actually quite big! 

The bacon (pork belly) was very fatty though. So do share this with your partner(s)! ^^

Nuclear fission angus beef cheeks, $27.
Served with more potatoes. Not any mash potatoes, it was truffle mash! 

I'm a sucker for all things truffle. :D

Veal cooked in pressure cooker to achieve such tenderness!
This was good.

Spider pig burger, $21.
Basically a pull pork burger served with sunny side up, coleslaw, pineapple and more French fries.

The only thing I like about this burger is probably the runny egg. The pull pork could do with more seasoning.

The Roast, $21.
Fried chicken leg burger served with more fries and Cajun mayo.

Their fried chicken burger was so much better than the pull pork! Will recommend this. 

Mother of all chicken burger, $32.
Surely, this is a burger that should be shared. 
Quite worth it to share between 2! ^^

Mother of all burger comes with 2x fried chicken leg, egg, bacon, cheese and some other condiments. Basically an upsize version of The Roast, but with the addition of more condiments and bacon as well. 

A good cafe to visit if you love your superheroes and meat (potatoes too!).  

We saw a number of families there as well. I guess kids will be really happy here to be able to see life size superheroes like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Ironman!  

Good place for some family bonding time! ^^

Hungry Heroes33 Tessensohn RoadSingapore 217656Tel: +65 6295 5401Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4pm – 12am                       Saturday: 11am – 12am                     Sunday: 11am – 11pm


*Bonus sharing*

Rangoon road is like a cafe hopping heaven! 

Recently Mr Tan and I dropped by Brunches Cafe for a break from our furniture shopping and I was so in love with the ambience in the cafe!! <3

The perfect place for vintage lovers to visit! ^^

They don't have the most fantastic food but I really love the service and the overall feel of the cafe. ^^ 

Of course, Old Hen Coffee Bar is nothing new for cafe hoppers. Their cold brew is still the best I've tried. 

Perfect for the super hot weather nowadays!

Alright, that's all for now! ^^

See everyone again~



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