Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Media Invite: PODI

Recently, I have the pleasant to be invited to the pre-launced party of PODI, Pure.Offbeat.Delicious.Infuions.

 PODI is brought to you by the lovely people behind The Bakery Depot, the same folks of Cedele, Toss & Turn and P.L.T Sandwiches!

The menu at PODI focuses on all-day breakfast and grills with the use of adventurous combinations of flavours and ingredients. All brought to you at affordable prices! :) 

Our night started with these bowls of Shoestring fries, which were either tossed in either truffle oil or seaweed nori.

Munching on the fries as we waited patiently for the event to kick start.

The food tasting officially started with some of their all-day-breakfast menu.

PODI's hearty breakfast is available all day, featuring eggs that are prepared either poached, scrambled, sunny-side up or baked. Most importantly price range is kept reasonably from $15-$18.

Baked Egg Pot.

A hearty breakfast item of eggs baked in a pot with spinach brioche, pork sausage, goat cheese in tomato sauce. This dish easily captured my heart for it's runny yolk (no question asked) and the sauce was so appetizing as well! It will be perfect if there was bread to dip in.

Duck Berry Waffle.

One of the interesting item on the menu is this unusual pairing of sweet and savoury. This dish features duck confit with blueberry compote & maple dressing with egg sunny-side up.

It's indeed an interesting combination. However, I felt the duck confit is too overpowering. I thought the best part of the dish was the sunny-side up.

Stuffed French Toast.

Perfectly toasted spinach brioche with eggs, smoked ham and soft brie cheese. The dish may sounds and looks too simple as compared to the other mains. However, it was in fact one of my favourite of the night. The bread was so soft and fluffy, pairing with the ingredients listed and maple syrup, the flavour just exploded in my mouth. That good.

So much food in one setting! But not complaining~ ^^

Moving on, we had the items from the Grills, which offers a variety of choices from seafood to meat and prices ranging from $14-$24.

Chicken Pot.

Tender chicken thigh simmered in a pastry pot, with potato and seasonal vegetables. Served with toasted rustic country bread and garden salad.

To my dismay, the descriptions sounded too positive. I was quite let down by the non-existing 'pastry pot' and the dish overall tasted quite bland. :/

Argentina Sirloin Steak.

Grilled till medium and served with chimichurri and mustard cream sauce with add-ons of confit of onion and slow-cooked tomatoes.

I'm quite particular with my steak and this sadly did not meet up standard. The steak was far from medium, it was kinda too tough to bite on. However, I have to compliment that the sauce was really good and the slow-cooked tomatoes were AMAZINGGGGGGG! 

The boy insisted we have our wines served with the steak. So cute. <3 

 King Prawn with Herb Butter.

King Prawns baked in garlic, butter, cheese, herb, orange rind and finished off on the grill.
Served with summer vegetables in raspberry vinaigrette and seaweed nori fries.

I was a little disappointed with the consistency of this. All the 4 plates that were served to my table all differed aesthetically. The cheese was kinda mundane also. Perhaps the only plus point about the dish was the King Prawn itself, so fresh and juicy! 

Spicy Prawn Konbu Pasta.

Linguine aglio olio tossed with spicy prawns, konbu and prawn oil. If  I really have to choose a favourite dish of the night, I would definitely choose this! Likewise to the stuffed french toast, as simple as it may appear, the taste was seriously extraordinary. 

Besides, the main dishes we also tasted a bit of their 'small plates' and 'salad'.

Beetroot Carpaccio.

beetroot presented using carpaccio-style and topped with cherry tomatoes and cheese with a drizzle of balsamic basil oil.

Prawn & Crab Spinach Salad.

Grilled prawns on baby spinach and slivers of crabmeat tossed together with a dressing of peppermint and lemon vinaigrette.

I really love these 2 items as they really appealed to my tastebud. Most importantly I think the lemon vinaigrette and balsamic indeed stimulate one's appetite. 

Of course we have to end our night sweetly. 

 Whoopie Pie.

 a two cake-like cookies with a creamy, orange earl grey flavored filling.

Mexican Spiced Hat.

made of Nigella-spiced meringue thins with a choice of 2 scoops of in-house ice cream flavours (mango and raspberry in this case). 

To pretty dessert for a miss of camwhoring. 

Besides the food, PODI also offers a wide range of beverages. 

fancy some wines?

Or the usual tea/coffee for you?

Thank you PODI for the warm hospitality! ^^

Of course, for the boy who tagged along always. <3 

Raffles City Shopping Centre
#B1-45, Singapore 179103
Contact: +65 63365648
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10am-10pm  
                                Weekends & PH 9am-10pm 
               Retail 8am-10pm



  1. haha you posted PODI same day as me! You mean your prawns weren't mushy ah? We are unlucky I guess heh

  2. Hahahaha! The power of being on the same table! Hopefully to see you again on some other events! :D